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Slowly but surely this #Hasbro #wotc or #OGL discussion is getting on my nerves, especially since neither #Dungeons nor #Dragons particularly excite me, rule system and most associated worlds are rather boring in my opinion. There are so many other nice alternatives - without d20! Some bheresy: #DnD ≠ #ttrpg!
Just my 2 cents, among others I’m looking forward to some of #OspreyGames‘ #ttrpg 2023:
I was not familiar with this company until your post. But it looks like I’ll be adding to my wish lists for the year. Nice.
@lategamer Enjoy, in my opinion, #OspreyGames has some neat #boardgames and #ttrpg. Right now, I‘m digging #HeirstoHeresy, a #ttrpg about the fall of the #knighttemplars. It‘s certainly not perfect, I like the basic concept and some ideas. As far as I know, there is nothing we couldn’t with some #houserules.
@lategamer Is this the same Osprey that publishes War/Battles/History book? Didnt know they made games!
Heirs to Heresy is the first one that gave me pause. Worth a read this week when I get work out of the way.