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@kinetix Any idea on this?
I thought that's where the admin comments was supposed to show up, but I edited mine to be really funny and torture you, but they're not showing up either, even a day after editing.

What happens if you go to "Edit a server" at the bottom and get in to the editing interface?
A description was set there ages ago and is still there now.

I have no idea where it’s picking up “pleroma” from.

There’s no description and not even “pleroma” for My Crowd 🤷🏻‍♂️
I may make a to-do to contact David Morley about it to see what he says... I know that stuff used to show, but perhaps some update broke it. Your 'pleroma' bit probably shouldn't be there either, but I wonder what gremlins are lurking in the DB there.
I've dropped a 'support message' there for them just now. I have a support ticket number, woot! heh. So, will see if anything interesting comes of it.
So did we break their website..?
I don't think so - it looks like Pleroma's nodeinfo does "it's own thing" that doesn't (seem to?) follow spec, and I'm just waiting for another thing to hopefully pick up with it so I can say I "found the way" for us Pleroma-types.
“Sausage lovers”? I thought we were friends 😮😂
Haha! Hey, I thought you liked 'em enough that you'd even use 'em as currency!
That was a limited-time bribe. It’s a good thing the newest Blimey Social member doesn’t know about the sausage offer of long ago 😉

Anyway, are you going to tell me how you updated the description or what? 😜
I don't recall an expiry date on that offer. Yeesh.

Yes, to get a description showing up on, it looks for a description in one of two places - one, the nodeinfo, which apparently Pleroma breaks spec on (or seems to) by using nodeDescription rather than just Description, so that's part of why f.o doesn't pick up on it. The second place it will look is in the site's meta description in it's index html, which we generally don't have in either pleroma-fe or soapbox, I guess, so I just added it in to mine by hand (please feel free to have a look).

Then, f.o checks for this change and will update it once per day - you can check whether it's done it recently or not at where it's reporting on the language check.

Now that you've seen it I should think of another short description for the instance.
Was it the index.html page within Soapbox which you added the nodeinfo to?

Which tags do you use and where do you insert it within the file..?

Well done for working it out!
I haven't really done Soapbox, so that might be something you'll have to find. Hopefully it's static and pretty simple to find.

Have a loon at the source for mycrowd. It's right near the beginning of the page.
Have a loon... lol.

I think it could be useful for us Pleroma admins to build up a database of tidbits for ourselves, our users. I've had a mediawiki for setup for awhile, but really have done nothing with it except document the bot accounts I have locally. I don't think I even mention it in the about page yet.

If you'd like to have a look, it's at - and I think I have more specific detail on the F.O thing so far than what I mentioned here.

Maybe we can continue to pull & organize tidbits that help that either aren't clear, are missing, or aren't relevant in/to the Pleroma docs.

I wonder if @mathias would be interested, too?
Hehe, I would definitely be interested in reading it. Not sure how much I could contribute though. When I’m looking at your instances they look ”for real”, where I only run an instance-of-one for me, hoping for the best, but if (read ”when”) I crash it, no one else get affected. 😂​

Having said that, I have been tweaking a few basic things and could definitely summarize those up in writing, if nothing else as it’d be good for when I’d ever need to set up another Pleroma instance. If any of that could be helpful for anyone else I should share it too.
@mathias At the moment it's all of about a 30 second read. 🤣 But, the point for me is I'm going to be putting more effort in to catching & posting the Pleroma details as I can.

I look forward to hearing further how your tweaks go, the experiences definitely deserve to be shared!
My change didn’t work.

The only html file at the root of my instance/Soapbox was “panel.html”, which is what I added the description to 🤷🏻‍♂️
@mathias f.o's /status page says "Last Language check was 1 day ago", so I doubt it's looked for it yet.
Nope, still not updated 🤷🏻‍♂️
@mathias Now, that's odd, you could always contact David (via the little chat balloon on f.o) to see if there's an issue with your server's record, or why it might not pick up on your description meta tag.

I've found my description was wiped out, because I did a rebuild of the frontend and wiped it out.

Have a loon… lol.
Who doesn’t enjoy a good loon? 😬
@mathias They can be a pain when they want to take your fish off your line.
I found it in MyCrowd and have added a description to what I think is the static html page for Soapbox.

Now we wait…
I think you've got it. May the meta description be with you.
@mathias That sounds... painful. Was it a big list you were working with? I've just been hitting the adminfe for doing this, as per attached screenshot. I'm not sure how federation would get affected here (unless you rejected connections from a wildcard?)
I’m sure that’s not how my UI looks for instance rejection under MRF??
@mathias Yup, sorry guys, I should have mentioned that my screenshot was from the develop branch. The only real difference is that it's split up line by line now so it can get a reason for each addition (but one doesn't *have* to do so).

Mathias - yeah, I always found that input box to be kind of clunky with the type/enter/click kind of routine. I like the new layout better, including having the reasonings for each if one desires, but still not helpful for bulk adds. I guess if you are just using the config files instead of config via db you could bulk import.

That's quite the amazing list of instances you have in there, though. I try to keep mine as short as is reasonable, and remove dead sites, but I think I'm going to need an automated tool to help at some point here.
@mathias Any correlation with inbound http traffic?

Content warning: re: Pleroma admin talk

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Content warning: re: Pleroma admin talk

I also used to work in Hackney; specifically Clapton.

I used to drive the Routemasters on the 38 from the bus garage there 😬
@Mathias Hellquist (Pleroma) @Kinetix @feld @Always with a plan Stan

Also a bunch of these:

20:00:47.157 [error] beam/beam_load.c(86): Error loading module hackney_bstr:
lambda already defined for label 188. To fix this, please recompile this module with an OTP 25 compiler.

20:00:47.234 [error] Loading of /opt/pleroma/_build/prod/lib/hackney/ebin/hackney_headers.beam failed: :badfile
@mathias @feld @mathias On my recent switch to develop, when running one of the initial mix steps that winds up generating code, it started complaining about building rebar3 with an OTP 25 compiler.

Thing is, I have no idea where pleroma's mix and build setup is pulling rebar3 from, but it seems to pull in a broken rebar3 (or at least, it was).

I was able to fix that by grabbing rebar3 from github, building it myself and putting it in my user's ~/.mix folder.

I wonder if that part had anything to do with whatever was going on at pleroma's gitlab where it was producing things like aarch64 binaries when requesting amd64? I can't imagine the potential mess that could have gone on because of that. As I don't know where the rebar3 was coming from, I can only guess.

It sounds like you've got more of a mess going on there, though, I wish I could provide more insight, but perhaps my recent trials will help?
@Kinetix @Mathias Hellquist (Pleroma) @feld @Always with a plan Stan

Yeah, sorry, I am posting those updates mostly for my own sake if nothing else, so I get a record of what happens, but with the added benefit that one of you guys possibly go "hey! THAT thing can be fixed easily with the mix.clamsteamer" or similar.

Turned out doing a "sudo -Hu pleroma mix local.rebar" got me past the rebar woes. Took me a couple of hours to learn that though, haha. :)

I have actually wiped it all again now and am trying to get it up again, but with existing (previously imported) database. Not doing well right now, but hey, I'm getting closer for each attempt I think. :)
@mathias @feld @mathias Well, good luck, of course. I wish I could be of more help.

Oh, on the rebar point specifically, 'mix local.rebar' was what was making me believe Pleroma pulls rebar in from somewhere, as it would continue to replace rebar with another complaining one. (I am running Erlang/OTP 25, and my Elixir was compiled with it, so it was kind of entertaining being told it needed OTP 25 - which I think I missed mentioning in my last response)
@mathias @mathias By the way - how did things wind up here? I see posts from you from I believe your Pleroma instance... did all your UI errors go away?