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Dirty. Dry. Martini.

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I initially said I was going to celebrate my Pleroma instance re-installation from back-up with a martini, but as it is chugging along 2 hours later (currently doing an import of what seems to be called "public.activities_visibility_index") I couldn't wait any longer. Cheers to me.
That process is still going. The server is still on, responsive etc, but it is still, 4 hours laters, working on that process. Impressive. Or scary.
Right. So 6 hours later it is still going. I'm going to bed, hoping for the best, but I have to say I'm rather sceptical. What took 30 seconds to write out shouldn't take 8+ hours to write back...
@Mathias Hellquist (Pixelfed) It has to said: King of the gin throne for an interesting Martini is now Roku Gin. Great stuff. Narrowly edges out Hendricks (which is more traditional, yet great). Hendricks still hold the throne on most other gin based drinks but Roku takes a martini to a different, and great, place. Just IMHO of course.