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#Tutanota: We will not 'walk out' of UK like Signal.pass our encryption

Problem is you have zero solutions to put an end to the encryption vs. no encryption problematic. And as long this is not solved feds will force you one way or another to give up.
If feds want they size your domain and then its game over, so one way or another there is no solution. National security always comes above security, always will be.

You, same like Signal or Ed. Snowden have zero solutions provided ever to the debate.
@CK's Technology News The solution should be that states try to solve the correct problem, not to solve just any problem in any way.

If this blog article didn’t exist there wouldn’t be a debate, just legislation. Now it at least lifts the problem to the eyes of more people. To say they haven’t solved it is both correct and unfair as I doubt they alone could influence all governments globally. That doesn’t mean one should shut up about it. IMHO of course.
Sure thing. That's the same that the chinese goverment thought (as Tutanota explains in the communicate)
National security or dictatorial government depending of the direction of the wind blowing of course...