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Bible thumpers thump - picking and choosing that which supports their prior intent.
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Yeah, Tom, the Church and orthodox Bible-fanatics are using religion for their own purpose;
but if one does focus on mysticism in the sense of gearing to ones inner "divine" self,
then one can find a unity in spiritual wisdoms from all East, West, and all religions.

I recommend to download the files of your choice from this website:

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Back in the 1970's I was a fan of Alan B. Watts. I still recommend him, even if he did not actually live up to his ideas.
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I think hardly any spiritual leader when looked upon closely did live up fully to his or her ideas.
The problem with spirituality and religions is that each direction usually comes through a bottleneck of that one prophet, spiritual teacher, guru or yogi.
Each got one insight into spirituality which is unique and from thereon a new direction builds with all their advantages and also disadvantages.

Hence we have to take everything with a pinch of salt, and if we overdosed on that take a break from that spice for a while in order to explore others.

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Alan was attempting something very challenging - a religious synthesis between east and west, all the while being a child of the west, and employing the tools of analysis.