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The premise that AI and humans should work together sounds great in theory, but have you met a human?

What human won’t stop fact- and double-checking output from a computer? I mean, there are shows to watch and games to play! The output seems plausible enough and who cOuLd poSsiBly geT hUrt. Also, nobody is going to find reason to punish you for trusting the output.

Anyway, this is likely a good time to share my post about Stanislav Petrov: Three lessons from a man who averted nuclear war by not trusting a computer.

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Tror dina barn är lika dig bägge två, och du är lik din mamma :)
Fina bilder på dem alla fyra.
Det kan ju gå bra ändå. 🤣

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A great reminder, I need to throw that switch on my desktop Firefox. But I'm glad to see it struggling with my mobile and it thinks I'm in Russia right now. ;)
Their web demo thinks I've visited 11 times from various location around the globe.  It thinks I'm in Russia currently. :)

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Oh my god this is scary to an extent of paranoia

Even Librewolf is failing me
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New on the YouTube channel, more content for folks new to Eleventy:

6 minutes to Build a Blog from Scratch with Eleventy

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Great! The kind of really basic introduction I’ve been looking for!

It also seem to answer a question I have: Is it possible to run 11ty on you local computer and just upload the rendered html to a web server? You seem to run it locally in this demo?
@anders @zachleat yeah, absolutely! When you run `npx @11ty/eleventy` for the first time it will ask you if you want to install and run it locally—and then the easiest thing is to drag and drop the `_site` folder to something like to put it on the web!

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Some photos of photos and news clippings I found in a drawer today. :)
A photo of a photo. Me some 53 years ago. Photo of a photo of my mum playing with me when I'm 1.
First time in the newspapers. A photoand article with an "interview" of me. Most likely with my dad though, I wasn't even 1 y/o then. Photo of a photo in the newspapers of my band after us winning Rock-SM 1993.

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🥳 Friendica fans, rejoice! 🥳

@hankg has just released Relatica 0.2.0 -- a mobile/desktop client for Friendica.

New updates include:

* Logging in with OAuth as well as username/email and password
* Multiple account logins and switching
* Material 3 system
* Drawer instead of menu screen

If you want to test this for yourself, download it here:

Also contact @hankg if you want to be involved with this project.

Home feed of Relatica
Drawer for Manage Profiles, Gallery, Direct Messages, and Settings
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@Rokosun maybe you may be interested to test idk :D

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@Tio @Chris Trottier @Hank G ☑️ @Fediverse News

Its good to see Friendica getting more support on mobile phones, at the moment I'm using #Fedilab which also has good Friendica support now.

So many geometry. Materials science is stupid.

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As I am "grabbing my handle" on yet another Fediverse instance it reinforces my thoughts on that what the Fediverse truly is missing is an identity provider (IDP) function where I can nominate a main/backup service to handle my logins.

I now have no less than 9 separate Fediverse accounts. I actively use 4 of them (completely different services). I had another 4 mostly for testing. yet another one for grabbing my handle.

I have now added all my other selves on each of the other accounts so I at least can re-post things from myself/other accounts, should I ever need to.

#Fediverse #Identity #Provider #IDP
@bloodaxe @ambivalena I haven't heard of any service like that just yet. The complexity would be for each service that already exist. They would all need to change for it to work. Currently they can't agree even on the small things, let alone on big things like this.

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#Tutanota: We will not 'walk out' of UK like Signal.pass our encryption

Problem is you have zero solutions to put an end to the encryption vs. no encryption problematic. And as long this is not solved feds will force you one way or another to give up.
If feds want they size your domain and then its game over, so one way or another there is no solution. National security always comes above security, always will be.

You, same like Signal or Ed. Snowden have zero solutions provided ever to the debate.
@CK's Technology News The solution should be that states try to solve the correct problem, not to solve just any problem in any way.

If this blog article didn’t exist there wouldn’t be a debate, just legislation. Now it at least lifts the problem to the eyes of more people. To say they haven’t solved it is both correct and unfair as I doubt they alone could influence all governments globally. That doesn’t mean one should shut up about it. IMHO of course.
Sure thing. That's the same that the chinese goverment thought (as Tutanota explains in the communicate)
National security or dictatorial government depending of the direction of the wind blowing of course...