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@Jupiter Rowland

In general I find it noteworthy that pretty much no one is talking about the phenomenal growth Akkoma has had since its launch, which was just over 1 year ago. Comparatively it is really impressive.

It is twice the size a certain other service that "everyone" talks about (and the same amount of MAU's, which admittedly speaks for the even newer service), and which I also wish well, but given the talk about it I would've expected it to be explosive...not half the amount of users of Akkoma.

I just find it noteworthy that there isn't a beep regarding Akkoma (unless it comes from me, and people are bored of me raving about it).

I wonder what would've happened if Akkoma had gotten the same exposure though, given that it has a similar feature set.

#ImNotBitter 😆

@Tim Chambers @Jon @marcelcosta