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For the record a significant portion of autistic people would be insulted to have autism called an illness. This is how they are born and for them it is normal. The non-autistic people are the ones who behave weird and base their reactions on feelings rather than facts.

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"No #Mastodon the social network"?!? - They must be suffering from autism (no offense meant to those really suffering from this illness).
Ever since the #TwitterTakeover, even mainstream media in Europe and North America have been reporting on this.

What is more: if it quakes like a duck...

@Ada Like so many others who joined since the #TwitterTakeover, @David Boles "knows" that the #Fediverse right now consists of only #Mastodon. And #WordPress will become the second project in the Fediverse.

In reality, some WordPress sites run the (still third-party) ActivityPub add-on right now already.

Also, WordPress isn't the second project in the Fediverse after Mastodon being the first. WordPress is the umpteen-plus-oneth project. And out of these umpteen, Mastodon is (starts counting) at least the fifth to actually be deployed in daily public use, name changes not counting. Eight years after the first. And many came after it.


Oh man.

"Managers were recently told to provide a list of people who ought to be promoted, says one former staff member still in touch with some who remain working. Little did they realise they were signing their own death warrant: many of those managers were subsequently fired and replaced by those they’d recommended, as part of a cost-cutting drive.

That tanked morale, which was already sub-zero."

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