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If you GM/DM/Lead any type of Fantasy TTRPG you might be intersted in the GM’s Day Sale over at DriveThruRPG. Lots of sales. For example 30% off on Raging Swan’s products, which are amazing.

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Hehe, this could have been our last Sunday gaming session. Made me laugh. 🤣

#ttrpg #pathfinder #pathfinder2e
TTRPG meme. Text on top: "Rogue: Why don't we try using stealth and sneaking in?"

Photo of 3 men, taken from the movie The Big Lebowski, looking at the camera with a "wtf?" look on their faces, each of them having a text label. First one says "fighter in chain mail", the second says "bard playing his lute" and the third one says "paladin in full plate".

Convince Your Players to Play Something OTHER Than #DnD, the worlds most undermonetized #ttrpg.
Such videos illustrate how far the hobby has drifted into a monoculture. Personally, I basically don't want to play with people who want to stay in this dead end and at best allow superficial changes (e.g. #DnD vs #Pathfinder).
On the other hand, there is currently hope that something will move and other games will get the attention they deserve.

@Frank I think it depends on how much money #Hasbro / #Wotc will lose in the foreseeable future.

As I said before, corporate bullying is nothing new in the hobby scene.

I already blacklisted #GamesWorkshop, my last #DnD related book was #CurseofStrahd, and the ridiculously overhyped #MörkBorg was probably my last #OSR book. Even before the #OGlL shit I strongly disliked clones/rip-offs like #OSE, #DC, #Pathfinder.

There are so many games out there I prefer over redundant #d20 crap. #ymmv