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If you GM/DM/Lead any type of Fantasy TTRPG you might be intersted in the GM’s Day Sale over at DriveThruRPG. Lots of sales. For example 30% off on Raging Swan’s products, which are amazing.

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Hehe, this could have been our last Sunday gaming session. Made me laugh. 🤣

#ttrpg #pathfinder #pathfinder2e
TTRPG meme. Text on top: "Rogue: Why don't we try using stealth and sneaking in?"

Photo of 3 men, taken from the movie The Big Lebowski, looking at the camera with a "wtf?" look on their faces, each of them having a text label. First one says "fighter in chain mail", the second says "bard playing his lute" and the third one says "paladin in full plate".