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Plume Development 2023-03-21

I added user search feature to admin panel's user list page. It is not so performant, but enough for admins to use for moderation.

You can use it at the main branch or latest Docker image.

Re-inventing the federated wheel because you don't know that wheels exist

@Kevin Davidson @Third spruce tree on the left @Fediverse News The lack of comments is actually the biggest shortcoming on #WriteFreely. #Plume has comments, but it's Schrödinger's Fediverse project (it is or is not dead).

A #FediHack would be to follow your own WriteFreely blog on something that does microblogging and boost or repost the notifications you receive from your own blog. It also makes finding followers easier, even if they follow the microblogging account rather than the long-form blogging channel.

By the way, another shortcoming of WriteFreely is that you can't see how many people follow your blog, much less who does.

Maybe it's time for a Plume fork.

@Kevin Davidson @maegul @Fediverse News Alternatively, take the big leap, use #Hubzilla for everything and give up the clean look provided by #Plume and #WriteFreely for something that's actively maintained.

I meant to say that before deciding on #Wordpress I did look into the two native #Fediverse blogging platforms #Plume and #WriteFreely
Plume is apparently end of life and no longer supported. They are actively discouraging anyone from using it. I guess stop listing it in articles about the Fediverse.
For WriteFreely I only found one instance open for registrations, but it appeared to be all spam and scams.
Not good.

From: @MetalSamurai

I created a #WordPress blog and wasted a whole evening moaning about the process.

@Chris Trottier @Fediverse News The irony is that we already had #Medium in the #Fediverse, so-to-speak, namely in the shape of #Plume and #WriteFreely.

@Alex0007 I've got a blog on #WriteFreely myself. It used to be on #Plume before that, but then the instance disappeared without a notice, and at that time, Plume seemed to be half-dead anyway.

Should everything else fail, I can still move the posts to #Hubzilla itself. They won't be as distraction-free, but they'll be on the same domain and project as embedded pictures.