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Has anyone played Salvage?

I love the concept of Junkpunk, it's post-apocalyptic but optimistic.

I read the book and got to play a couple of sessions of this, and I think it's fantastic.

I'd love to play or even run it again someday.

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So stoked to announce that Honor + Intrigue #swashbuckling #ttrpg is now available in hardcover as #PrintOnDemand via Drivethrurpg!
#pirates #romance #roleplaying #adventure @ttrpg

So I'm really late on the autopromo stuff and I don't want to feel guilty for letting you miss @comemartin new #roleplaying gem, so let's get to the point: there's ONLY A DAY left for you to back #BrokenCities on #Kickstarter. #TTRPG
I'm responsible for the game layout design, but also a custom deck of playing cards you can use to play the game AND play whole other games with your grandma! But hurry up cause we don't know if/how it will be available after the campaign…
Mockup of the Broken Cities book WIP preview of the custom cards full deck
Mockup of the custom cards and their box Telegraphic summary of the Broken Cities rules