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The last few days I contributed a bit to the Snac codebase, fixing some issues, adding some features, making it more compatible with mobile apps and Tokodon using the Mastodon API.

The most recent version is running on our experimental instance
If you want to sign-up, drop me a DM.

If you want to run your own Fediverse server, Snac is clearly the best alternative available right now:

Next step is to make it fully compatible with mastodon.el.

It's written in C, and the only dependency is on libcurl. Running it is a matter of `make install` and it works on Linux and BSDs alike.

I rarely contribute to open source projects, but Snac is an exception because I think that the Fediverse deserves a truly minimalistic project like this and the maintainer @grunfink is an amazing person to work with.

#snac2 #mastodonEl