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What an amazing group of organizers, panelists, GMs & attendees at @bigbadcon!
✅️ GM on @GamesonDemand
✅️ Met pocket friends from @critshow
✅️ Played #ttrpgs with fun folks
✅️ Great panels on design & freelancing
✅️ Got to thank folks in person who helped me get started

Played many #ttrpgs:
🕯Ten Candles
😈 Little Helpers
☠️Trophy Dark
🎭Court of Blades

Attended panels on:
- Marketing Your Games
- Navigating Roadblocks
- State of Social Media
- #TTRPG Freelancing

When you tell someone you play roleplaying games, isn't it sad when they say, "Oh, do you play DnD?" instead of asking, "What do you play?"

#ttrpgs #DnD

Ugh. Decision time. One of the players can't make it tomorrow. Do I still run #Rifts? I built the idea for four (Techno-Wiz, Undead Slayer, Glitter Boy, and Psi-Slinger). Or do I break out another game that'd be engaging for three players? I've got a dozen ideas and three hours of prep time. #TTRPGs

12. Have you ever designed a #dungeon? Yes - but my love for ❤️dungeons❤️ started pretty late compared to my time in the hobby. To some extent, this might be due to the fact, that I was socialized into #ttrpgs playing #Midgard (Germany’s earliest #ttrpg) - in which dungeons did not feature prominently - and #Adnd2, which was geared towards playing „plot“-driven campaigns (#Dragonlance, #Ravenloft), at least from our perspective back then.