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@Morgunin @Yora Who said something about boycotting?

Regardless, everyone is free to choose with their money whether to support the status quo or change. Those who want change should act accordingly.

I find the idea of a 2nd Edition of #Symbaroum quite exciting, which is based on the organization of the Ruins books. If they update the system, I would be really excited. #YMMV

@Morgunin I don't know how loyal the #WOTC staff were. Regardless, I assume that the managers and shareholders still get fat bonuses and get rid of "disagreeable" staff first.
Stand in the line! Conform! Ask no questions...

#GamesWorkshop is already on my #blacklist, #DnD first and third party ends up there too. This is capitalism, vote with my money. More money for real independent #ttrpg designers.

#WOTC hasn't changed their mind, they are looking for new opportunities... #ymmv

Verkauft "Deutschlands führender Apple Händler" (ZItat) noch was anderes im großen Stil? Übersehe ich etwas, Gravis verkauft hier meines Wissen quasi nur #Apple-Scheiß. Weitere Gründe weder bei Apple noch Gravis einzukaufen. Der Hersteller könnte *sicher* einwirken, wenn er wollre... #YMMV

My reply was a little joke and provocation.
Yes, it‘s a dungeon, but #Midgard is probably not the best #dungeoncrawler in the world. #ymmv

Very interesting, we are going in opposite directions. You come from „social entcounters“, I want to avoid dungeons, instead I want more „culture/society roleplay“. My time with a Holy Avenger on my side are over. Enjoy.

@Frank I think it depends on how much money #Hasbro / #Wotc will lose in the foreseeable future.

As I said before, corporate bullying is nothing new in the hobby scene.

I already blacklisted #GamesWorkshop, my last #DnD related book was #CurseofStrahd, and the ridiculously overhyped #MörkBorg was probably my last #OSR book. Even before the #OGlL shit I strongly disliked clones/rip-offs like #OSE, #DC, #Pathfinder.

There are so many games out there I prefer over redundant #d20 crap. #ymmv