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Just a test to see where this screenshot of Akkoma with a Nord-theme actually ends up being visible. Feel free to ignore.

#testing #akkoma #nordtheme

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Dear #microsoft, I am in China, but my Windows region is set to UK. My display language is set to English (UK), I'm using a VPN so my IP address is not Chinese. I'm signed into a UK Microsoft account with the language of that account set to, you've guessed, English (UK).

So, why is every single widget on the Windows 11 widget side bar in Chinese with Chinese content?

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On the first table: only poker-math. On the second table: no math unless you mean counting cards combined with predicting what possibly could be where (on your opponents hands or in the draw pile). :)

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After the last Friendica update (I think...haven't tested in a controlled fashion) my search stopped working, and now any and all searches end in a 404. Did I miss a step in my configuration somewhere? The instance has been going for years, and the search has been working previously.

I'm not excluding user error (i.e. from me) but would someone know how I can fix it?

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Right, I might have been too quick in asking. Had a quick look around for the unlikely event that I would see something that looked out of place. It indeed looked like there was a permissions issue going on in the smarty3 folder, so after having re-assigned ownership of a couple of folders in there the search seems to be working again.

There were a couple of folders in there though that had...odd...names (basically made it look like a mistake), but anyways, it is now sorted I think. At least it doesn't give 404's any longer.

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Concerning the search: With this update we rebuild the search index. This means that in the first days the search results won't be complete.

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I forgot to share these from the other weekend. My friends have been building this multi-store adventure world/box. No idea how many hours they've spent on it, but was good fun.

Friendica has gotten a new update (which follows their release schedule). As per always it was dead easy to follow the instructions to apply the update to my Friendica instance. Basically a couple of copy/paste's and...well, that was it. Done. Worked perfectly. Nice update. Thanks.


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Friendica 2024.03 released

Content warning: We are very happy to announce the availability of the new stable release of Friendica “Yellow Archangel” 2024.03. In addition to several improvements and new features, this release contains several fixes for security issues reported by snajafov, arcanican

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@Wilhelm the posting has a summary, which is an AP field that is mis-used as CW by some. And TBH mis-labeled IMO in the Friendica UI; but yes the effect is expected.
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