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Some pix from London last year that I found on my phone. Also, testing a new Pixelfed app.
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Oh yeah, and the iOS app I used to upload them from my phone to Pixelfed is called Vernissage and can be found here:

#Pixelfed #Vernissage #iOS #App

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...and the (free) Vernissage app is made by Marcin Czachurski (@mczachurski) who also has some great photos over here:

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Regarding the talk of bridges: from one of my Fediverse services I can now, without any (discussed) bridge, but via checking checkboxes in the admin GUI, write a post which will be automatically published on:

* ActivityPub (Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, Akkoma etc)
* Diaspora
* Tumblr
* BlueSky (no, really)

Furthermore: if I post on my accounts on any of those services, and a few more actually (Pixelfed for example) I can let my service automatically repost it as if it was its own post from my account on that service instead.

I can do all of this without using the disputed-of-late bridge, in one of the existing major Fediverse services (which pre-dates Mastodon). Anyone know which service I'm talking about? :)

* hint: it is not the account where I am posting this from

#BridgeGate #Bridge

This is not the post you are looking for.

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Why @obsidian is 100% user-supported and not backed by VC investors

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Good on you :) This is why not taking VC is a core principle of #SmallTech

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Cloud storage settings

!Friendica Admins

Hi! I have recently noticed my Spaces storage from Digital Ocean has stopped working to/from Friendica, after having been working just fine for over a year. Has there been changes in Friendica regarding storage? When I try to amend the settings I notice it doesn't really save the settings unless they have worked perfectly. Given that the content of the fields for Key and Secret Key are treated just like password fields I'm also not sure if it actually updates those fields and then sticks to it, or if it is using what was last stored, without ever changing it. This means I have to keep generate new key-pairs when trying to fix it, as I can't see which one it is currently trying to use. This means A LOT of copy/paste manouvers.

Does anyone have Digital Oceans Spaces set up in a working manner where you could share a screenshot of your settings (obviously without the actual key/secret)? The error messages and the help file doesn't give many clues to how it ideally should look.

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Could it be related to this issue here?
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Ah, indeed, that is exactly what I have as error messages.
There are mixed instructions between the sites too, as Digital Ocean runs, they say, a compatible v4 service (i.e. not only v2 compatible), but my server tells me "if you're not using amazon we WILL default you back to v2". As the different versions have differing settings it was difficult to know where what had changed, especially as it has been working for quite a while.

I shall go through that thread as it looks like it could have a few pointers. Thanks!