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Some thoughts on migrating Fediverse services

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I have migrated my #Pleroma instance from one cloud provider to another. It is all working well. Just one thing left to do: /.well-known/host-meta

It currently becomes as a file download instead of an xml file. Tips and tricks to sort that out would be appreciated.

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Right. Another test post. Previous install on this server was The database import was misaligned somehow, so posts had the incorrect owner etc. However, it was really fast. Snappy even. But alas, if everything in the database is incorrect it doesn't matter if the server is fast, so had to try something new.

So I instead made a fresh install and used the "import profile" from my old server. It happily declared that it had imported zero (0) of my contacts. Had to import them separately. I would have thought that a fresh install, now with MariaDB (unlike my old server with MySQL) would have been even faster and even more snappy...but something slower than this was years since I experienced. Sometimes I can literally go and make a coffee whilst waiting for a response from a click, even on "regular" navigation.

Also the server constantly goes into 404 mode and the only way to get out of it is to restart nginx, php-fpm and the database. Then it is snappy for a bit until it isn't (usually within an hour). Something is wrong.
I had some issues this afternoon following you back. But suddenly it worked and I am able to read this.
@Stefan H. right now it seems to be working and is, right now, even fast. I shall have to do some more testing and also reading of log files to see what happens when it stops working. Have been going through all the eventually missing folders, permissions etc, but it all "looks good".