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Hey security friends! After much encouragement, Bitwarden has joined the Fosstodon family ๐Ÿค—

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Hi and welcome to the fediverse.

Not saying you are not for real, but it will be nice if you complete the Link verification so more people can verify the authenticity?
Hey There! We link to our Fosstodon profile directly from the social footer of the official Bitwarden website. The team has the change for the Bitwarden website queued up and will be going out shortly. ๐Ÿ‘
Link verification complete! ๐Ÿ‘
is great!

Very dramatic.

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Because I could

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@Martijn Vos Not at all. Friendica is great for macroblogging! And includes the ability to edit posts (and comments as well), Like and dislike both posts and comments. And it reaches users on multiple platforms. But in my very limited experience, it's a little more complicated. That's not a show stopper for me at all. I can even use Markup on Friendica as well as Diaspora instead of that forum format [stuff} [/stuff] whatever they call it that is default on Friendica. Fewer keystrokes.

My only bother is that it is mixed with all the little microblogging stuff that comes in my feed, even if I limit my feed to just people I follow. "A mile wide and an inch deep." I prefer Diaspora because I don't want all the little short toots and quips mixed in with more substantial posts. Just a personal preference.
So, my libranet account is working again this morning. :-)

Time for a refresher of an #
I just did one on my Pleroma account, but as I use Friendica just as much I might just as well do the same intro from this account too.

I can talk about anything, but these are some of the things I like:

* Open-minded friendly people
* Music - listens to most extreme # though I create an inverted amount of ambient tunes depending on how much metal I've listened to lately. The harder music I listen to, the more whale-sounds I create, apparently.
* Gaming - both # (since -83) and computer gaming
* # related topics
* Most things that are IT related, though I have been nerding down on # over the last years (which is also my main job role these days)
* # - I take lots of pix
* I love good # and giggle/despair at bad UX

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Canโ€™t hug too much

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