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#Mastodon just needs more abstraction. People find it too complex. They need to think of #instances, #servers, #moderation, etc.

The onboarding isn't simple.

The metric should be whether your grandmother can do it. If my grandparents were to sign up today, they would pester me for months about what an "instance" is and completely overthink it.

Does the instance you join really still matter?

Well, it depends. If you just want to replace #Twitter because it dies tomorrow or becomes unbreakable today, then no.

That's where the simple onboarding of #Medium is nice. People basically just get an account. They don't need to worry about moderation, rules, federation and interaction distance, and reach of the posts.

I, on the other hand, know and understand more. So I know what advantages I would get by joining a more #tech focused instance like or

📈 Looks like users of are starting to register for Mastodon accounts.

✅ Welcome to all new users of Mastodon.

🦣 Registered users of Mastodon might reach 10million users tomorrow.

#Mastodon #MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration #Twitter #NewUsers #Welcome #Medium
Mastodon user registrations per day. Mastodon user registrations per day.
Mastodon user registrations per day.

Will you be signing up? Are you a paid #Medium member? Would just like to know whether the will have features that make it worthwhile for Medium users specific to their app or instance.

Re-inventing the federated wheel because you don't know that wheels exist

@LucyWildboots @singletona
Is there anything wrong with that? #COSO is already doing it? Other instances have better moderation than others.

It is part of their business model. They might incorporate it into their own #app and provide features to their users that only they will have. But they would be stupid to isolate their community from the rest of the #fediverse and not participate in #relays and allow other instances to #federate with them.

But they might allow writers to monetize their articles and content or restrict some content to only remain local.


@DaleHagglund @coachtony

I just hope they federate with the rest community and join relays.

They could possibly keep some content local, thus continuing the business model @medium already uses. Which I would be okay with, but not participating in the network would basically just be like creating a new network.

It would also be interesting how strict their #moderation rules are, but this could also be good. Larger companies like this will have large and fast growing instances, requiring the moderation tools we all have been waiting for. So this is also an opportunity for the #opensource community.

#Medium @fediversenews

@Chris Trottier @Fediverse News The irony is that we already had #Medium in the #Fediverse, so-to-speak, namely in the shape of #Plume and #WriteFreely.

We added #verified links for #WashingtonPost journalists a little while ago, but check out this excellent write-up from @zubakskees on some of the unexpected hurdles we had to overcome, which was just published to #medium

Wow, intriguing… the #EFF.
It seems they are „somewhat in line“ with the author on #Medium.