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I had not seen this article. As a frequent Cybernews reader and both #Tutanota and #ProtonMail user, it worries me. Anyone using either service are well aware of the limitations. And definitely isn't what they're saying.

Might I suggest a different approach though: check the article's author Paul Greenamyer. To me, he's a rather divergent character, as far as Cybernews goes..

@Tutanota ich vermisse den Vergleich zwischen #Tutanota und #Mailfence

Meanwhile, let’s get ready for the worst scenario: where are we with self hosting? I am available to pay an annual subscription (license) if Tutanota team develop the app for Umbrel and RunCitadel OS (on Raspberry Pi4 board).

#tutanota #selfhosting #runcitadel

-"A backdoor for the good guys only is simply not possible. Encryption is either securing everyone or it is broken for everyone."

#truth #tutanota #uk #encryption

#Tutanota: We will not 'walk out' of UK like Signal.pass our encryption

Problem is you have zero solutions to put an end to the encryption vs. no encryption problematic. And as long this is not solved feds will force you one way or another to give up.

Encryption guarantees the right to privacy. 💪

Join the privacy movement now:

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