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"The fascists are winning because American life is a game rigged for rich capitalists, and the nazis have plenty of those people eager to donate their money, time, and careers to the greater project of protecting capital by crushing the left. I can’t say I find that reality very comforting, but at some point the folks around me are going to need to start accepting what time it is, because “let’s pretend” is not a viable strategy for defeating an ongoing fascist takeover."

NinaWrites on Andy Ngo's loss in court and why it doesn't particularly matter:

#FascismUSA #fascism #antifa #AndyNgo

A nice 1934 leaflet from the archives of the Independent Labour Party. "What is fascism?"

#fascism #antifa #socialism #IndependentLabourParty #ILP

The front of the leaflet with the title "What is Fascism?" It begins with "Capitalism is decaying throughout the world. The ruling class fear the bitter discontent of the workers. To keep their power the ruling class have turned to Fascism in Italy, Germany and Austria, and are beginning to do so in USA, France and Great Britain...." It ends with "Make no mistake! Fascism means war, the end of our hard won liberties, that strikes will be illegal, concentration camps for everyone who dares disagree, and means the working class in chains while the ruling class continues to reap its profits!"
Back of the leaflet, with the title "Fascism has nothing to offer us", and ends with Don't be fooled! Don't sit still while our rights are filched from us" It that has a small form to fill in to "join the ILP, the Party for all revolutionary socialists"

Tante TERF "Posie Parker" komt naar Nederland.
Verzamelen voor de tegendemonstratie:
Zaterdag 9 september 13:30 uur
St.Jacobsplein Utrecht
Neem oorbeschermers en lawaaimakers mee!

Let Women Speak
Zaterdag 9 september om 14.00 uur op Park Paardenveld, Utrecht, vlakbij het centraal station.

Wees voorzichtig, er zijn aanwijzingen dat fascisten (proberen te) mobiliseren om de tegendemonstratie te dwarsbomen.

Nieuwe nederlandstallig video op youtube over de anti-transbeweging:

#Protest #AntiTERF #Trans #PosieParker #Antifa #AntiFascist

Tomorrow. Bring earplugs and stuff to make noise with.
Warning; fascists are mobilizing so think about your own safety.

oproep tot geluidsdemo bij 'Let Women Speak' in Utrecht 
9 SEPTEMBER, St.Jacobsplein 13:30 UTRECHT. 

trans rights are human rights
Route Utrecht CS - St.Jacobsplein