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So, I've been trying to get this Pixelfed instance hooked up with Backblaze object storage.

I host it with because it's managed and I'm not too versed in linux, though I get by.

When I started the instance and messed around in the Admin UI, I noticed these "cloud storage" settings, which I filled out as such. (First pic) but it kept giving me an error about the credentials being incorrect (they're not, i copied them directly from backblaze)

Then, while trying to get help for that, someone told me to edit the ENV with these options:

## S3 Configuration

But, when I go to my ENV file. Some of those options aren't even there. (second pic).

Can I just insert them at the bottom and put the info in there, and it would work?

Also, for AWS_URL and AWS_ENDPOINT, do I need to include https://?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I think I might be putting the info in incorrectly? But as far as I can tell, this should be correct?🤷‍♂️

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Ugh. Just got a Pixelfed instance setup through but when I try to setup cloud storage with Backblaze b2 through the admin UI, it says that the info isn't correct....

Except it is. I've double and triple checked. Deleted keys 3 times, thinking I'd copied the info wrong. But no, everything is right and I can't figure out why it's not working!😩

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Whoa. A greater than 2MB emoji?
Jul 13 20:45:18 mookiesplace gotosocial[803]: timestamp="13/07/2024 20:45:18.175" func=dereferencing.(*Dereferencer).populateEmojis level=ERROR msg="couldn't get remote emoji store: given emoji size 2.18MiB greater than max allowed 100kiB"

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I'm uncertain whether the issue lies with Akkoma or the frontend I'm using, Mangane, as I'm experiencing difficulties playing certain video and image formats.

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Wow! So I just figured out why thinks I don't deserve friendships from people on their instance...(had multiple follow relationships that were severed)

It's because I post AI art sometimes and am generally AI positive because it helps me with my day to day life, being disabled...😒

So, thanks for defederating me and breaking my follow relationships without even letting me or my people know beforehand!🙄


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Related to the above: Does anyone have a list of the most common Fediverse services, ideally with 'marketshare’ (of active users, or something like that)?

Context being that FediFetcher now supports a dozen services (any that implement the Mastodon, Misskey, Lemmy, or Peertube APIs), and I'm wondering what other services would be valuable to implement.

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