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Sketch I made of Yves last night because I was feeling a little down. His design might still change but I really like the teal hair.

I love him.

#DnD #DungeonsAndDragons #MastoArt #CharacterDesign
Portrait of a Tiefling with somewhat ashy red skin, teal hair, golden eyes and dark curved horns that are engraved with stars.

Mat from @Role_Play_Chat put together an amazing tutorial for everyone on making a faux wax seal for your #ttrpg handouts! Check it out at
#dungeonsanddragons #crafting

Sheska is one of my friends' character for #CurseOfStrahd, a very clever and sweet half orc artificer who's just trying to do her best and trying not to be fooled by sexy vampires (it's not going very well). This illustration was a gift, and I had a blast with itπŸ’œ ✨
I hope you like it! :)

#DnD #DungeonsAndDragons #DnD5e #DnDCharacters #DnDArt #Illustration #Art #ArtistsOfMastodon #Strahd #MastoArt #HalfOrc #Artificer #RPG
Illustration of a young adult half orc female. She's olding a spray can she uses to cast a spell with as an artificer (the DnD class).She has dark brown curly hair, a thin red headband, tiny glasses and pointy ears. Her eyes are also deep brown and you can see small fangs coming out of her mouth from her lower jaw. She wears a red coat that looks half 14th half 19th century, plus a big black bowtie and some frilly details from her shirt are visible. From her bag you can see some fabric coming out. She is also wearing a golden ring with a red seal (Strahd's seal) on her left hand. The background is very dark and cloudy, you can varely see the moon (or is it the sun?) on the top right corner. You can also see the top of the trees against the grey clouds and the tall towers of Strahd's castle, crows flying over the roofs.

It’s here! The 3.5 Player’s Handbook. πŸ‘€
#dnd #ttrpg #dungeonsanddragons

Hello #MastoArt πŸ’–
I'm Lorena, a freelance/indie artist who loves to draw and drink tea 🍡

I work mostly for book publishers, make my own prints and have a #DungeonsAndDragons T-Shirt collection 😊

Happy to be here!

#introduction #art #DigitalArt #illustration
A lineart piece with flat colors of red haired witch in a birch tree forest lifting up her dress slightly and crows flying out from underneath it. Ephemeral - An art nouveau piece of a woman with wings sitting at the edge of a cliff. White ravens surround her, one of them sits on her outstretched arm digging it's claws into her skin. Paper birds fly in the background, stars hang from strings and flowers bloom in the foreground.
Lethe - A rendered piece of a person covered entirely by a veil in front of a big reddish cloud in a blue sky. The figure is dark compared to the background.