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A brief statement of opinion. I have been on #Bluesky for 2 days. It's full of all the big self-promoters like on T.witter. Stolen pictures, Elon, the tone of the conversation is the same as on T.witter. They hope it stays cozy and no Nazis come across. They continue exactly as before and don't even notice. Hopeless.
Artist: #TABBY / #TabbyThis in City: #Hamburg Germany 🇩🇪 2023 - Title: "Umbrella Man" #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #StencilArt )
The picture has nothing to do with the text:
Streetartwall. On a turquoise painted house wall was sprayed / painted mural of a man with umbrella. The man with baseball cap and umbrella in hand, is depicted in black. Under the umbrella, the wall is beige, instead of turquoise.

I just found out we change our avatars for #spooktober! I'm into it!

#MastoArt #watercolor #rat

A rat driving a pumpkin car!

With the Season of the Witch upon us, I should share some of my past Halloween drawings. Last year, I did a whole panorama of EC Comics' horror hosts, the GhouLunatics! I tried to mix each of the principal artists' styles with my own for each piece. I also crammed in a ton of references to classic EC stories for all the Fan-Addicts out there!

What will I come up with this year? You'll have to wait and see!

#MastoArt #horror #halloween #penandink #eccomics

CW: horror, blood, eye contact

Pen and Ink drawing of The Crypt Keeper. I tried to use a lot of Jack Davis' signature hatching techniques on this one. The Crypt Keeper has his hand out, welcoming us into the crypt. Cobwebs and creaking wooden beams frame him. He is surrounded by a mummy, a werewolf, the Frankenstein monster, and a pair of leering eyes. Uncle Creepy makes a cameo, trying to relax with an old tome, but The Crypt Keeper is shoving him out of the way. Since Jack Davis drew both characters, I thought it would be fun to portray them as siblings bugging each other. Why, it's coming from The Old Witch's bubbling cauldron, of course! "Ghastly" Graham Ingels' dripping lines and rough brushwork was the inspiration here. The Old Witch is stirring her cauldron with a large bone, peering at us with her bulging right eye. The mist from the cauldron is forming horrified faces. A large skull in the background has a creature reaching out of its eye holes. In the foreground, three goblins are carrying a pumpkin, hands are coming out the pumpkin's right eye and mouth, with dripping blood. One of the hands is choking one of the goblins. And to the right, a walking corpse has candles shoved in every orifice on its face.
The Vault Keeper. Johnny Craig's bold clean lines served as the inspiration for the technique here and it was probably the most challenging. The Vault Keeper is looking right at us, facing forward, flipping through the pages of an old tome. A skeleton is hanging in the background, and a book and a candle resting on a skull are in the foreground, with cobwebs adjoining them. The candle's flame blows to the left and behind it, an eerie mist with skull-like formations comes from the right. What could that be? Hmm! All three illustrations of The Crypt Keeper, The Vault Keeper, and The Old Witch are presented as one seamless panorama of horror.

title: Russian Atlantic Squadron
artist: Mathew Brady Studio, active 1844 - 1894
source: National Portrait Gallery
notes: The Frederick Hill Meserve Collection comprises more than five thousand […]
#Art #Design #Museum #Gallery #MastodonArt #MastoArt #Culture #Random
An item from the Smithsonian’s collection listed as “Russian Atlantic Squadron” with the artist listed as Mathew Brady Studio, active 1844 - 1894.

The museum’s description is:
The Frederick Hill Meserve Collection comprises more than five thousand Civil War-era portrait negatives from the Mathew Brady photography studio in New York City. The collection, which the National Portrait Gallery acquired in 1981, includes portraits of generals, politicians, diplomats, painters, and performers. It also contains depictions of “Human Curiosities” at P. T. Barnum’s American Museum in New York City, that, although highly exploitative, help to document the historical representations of disability in the United States.

Because this is an automated account selecting items at random from a list of 50,000 it hasn't been possible to create full image descriptions yet.

It's October 1st which means it's time to post another dumb phrase that presented itself in my brain and made me make a picture about it. Anyway here you go. Hope it's not too spooky for you.

#Art #MastoArt #Illustration #digitalillustration #hotdog #haunted #spooky

Haunt Dog! Digital illustration of the components of a Chicago-style hot dog floating above a pentagram with candles lit at each star point. The bun has manifested a sharp-toothed mouth and hideous long tongue. Rising just above is the Weiner which now has furious, demonic eyes and improbable angry eyebrows made of yellow mustard, and an ectoplasm of relish rising off its center. Behind is a pickle spear with a toothed mouth. Floating above all that are two devilish tomato slices with horns and tails and two evil bat-like sport peppers flapping around.  Behind it all, rising from the flames of the candles is a demonic apparition with horns and hands raised, seemingly the evil being animating it all. And wrapped around the bottom of the pentagram are the words in raggedy spooky lettering: Haunt Dog. Detail of a Devil Tomato
Detail of the evil hot dog face Detail of a Sport Pepper Bat

More remedial self tutoring: tonal #watercolor sketch of the lovely Sir Harold Hillier Gardens near us in Romsey, UK.

#artistsonmastodon #MastoArt

Tonal (monotone, in blue) watercolour painting of a park with trees. In the foreground there is a pair of receding, parallel paths.

#swordtember 29-30 Artifact + Hunt & Witch.
Witches were often blamed when times were hard, and some used this to gain power. Witches needed to be careful during such times, not keeping anything on them that might give them away while they tried to heal the sick and tend to the elderly. In an emergency they would use what they had to hand to forge a blade for their or their patient's defence this one was made from spider silk and woven stalks.
According to our records, these two weapons were recovered from a town with only one surviving occupant, a mad priest, who burned hundreds in his quest. He was locked away till he died so that he would never hurt another innocent soul.

#MastoArt #FediArt #swordtember2023 #ttrpg #art #illustration #challenge #ConceptArt #DigitalArt #writing

two swords, one made to look like a witchfinder's pin (with the retractable blade) and the other of woven reads and spiderwebs.


My tale of bad portraits over the last 20 years. 💩

As a small excuse, I have a full-time office job and unfortunately have not drawn consistently over time. 😅

#art #mastoart #portrait

Collection of bad drawn and painted portraits of brandkopf over the last 20 years.
2003 is still anime style.
2011 a demon girl with orange skin
2012 some gray guy lit from below
2013 painting with some skin color but very bad hairstyle 
2016 woman with deformed features
2018 frontview of a women which is ok but still chin is much too.
2021 Some pilot buy in side view with good proportions but shading still not sufficient
2023 Oil portrait of an old elb.

Folks! A-Yokai-A-Day for 2023 is here!

In celebration of #Halloween season, I'll be sharing #ayokaiaday each day this month, and I hope you'll join me in reading these tales, and creating or sharing your own yokai artworks!

Today's tale is here:

#folklore #illustration #art #japan #yokai #妖怪 #mastoart

a draconic serpent coils its body around a young girl in a kimono

Hello Mastodon! ✨
I am a german artist. I do a bit crafting, sewing, 3D sculpting and lots of painting. Stuck somewhere between furry fandom trash and regular illustration. My portfolio is a whole salad.

#furry #illustration #germanartists #mastoart #germanart

View of Highway 1 running through scenic Big Sur, California, USA. The original photograph has been processed with on oil pastel painting effect.

Art Prints here:

#bigsur #california #wallart #art #mastoart

I once painted a horse that looked something like this drawing and it was a really bad painting. I wish I kept it so I could share my bad painting but I painted over it. So I tried to do a drawing of what I remembered of the painting but I think I made this drawing too nice. You will just have to believe me I once made a terrible horse painting.
🐴 🐎

#MastoArt #MarkerArt #SketchBook

A very fast and loose marker sketch of a brown horse standing still in profile in some grass in a field. The lines are just squiggles. Some squiggly blue for the sky. Some yellow dots for flowers in the field.

Looking though some old photos today, and found this bizarre sketch from 2018.

All I can say is it is "inspired" and I can only blame myself and Nickelback who I saw in concert that year. I think the rider is band member Ryan Peake?!

#BadHorseSaturday #MastoArt

A bad sketch of a horse wearing a party hat, and ridden by Nickelback band member Ryan Peake

Dear @Curator, thank you for this week of fun and torture. :bob_ross: Many of the proposed suggestions were just too horrible: hands, eyes, cars, trees(!) and in the end even bicycles.... All kinds of awfulness for an illustrator. I could only watch paralysed. I don't think horses are that bad, so here....🐴❣️

#BadHorseArt #illustration #MastoArt

A badly drawn horse smiling at you and squints a bit. It‘s name is Pamela.

⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: #MasahisaFukase (深瀬 昌久) in Loc.: #Tokyo Japan 🇯🇵 1979 - Title: "Biba! Sasuke" - #Art #Cats #Streetart #Mastoart #PhotoArt #Fotografie #CatsOfMastodon #Photography ➡️ #APhotoLove
Photography. A black and white photo of a dark cat hanging from almost invisible white curtains, at the very top of a window pane. She has her arms and legs outstretched and seems to have discovered something interesting outside in the garden. (By the way, the window next to it is a bit open).
Info: It is the fabulous cat, named "Sasuke, the Second", of the artist, which he photographed for a photo book while hiding, climbing and playing. The cat also accompanied him everywhere on trips until he fell into a coma for 20 years (in 1992) after a fall and died in 2012. Sasuke was about thirteen years old when the accident occurred.

I swore I was just going to read My Beijing by Nie Jun, no more distractions! But then I realized we were on the cusp of #BadBikeFriday & #Caturday and... well...

I painted a bit more, copied out of this beautiful comic

#mastoArt #Watercolor #Watercolour #Art #AmReading #Comic #FanArt #Bookstodon

Watercolor of a green bike with a blue bag attached to the front. It is propped up on a kickstand.
Watercolor of a black cat sitting happily.

Between the profane and the sacred [triptych] (2023).
iPhone camera and digital processing, Polaroid i-Type film emulsion lift on paper.
#photography #photo #art #mastoart #polaroid #filmisnotdead #filmisalive #believeinfilm #filmphotography #emulsionlift
Same bird, three different background colors inspiring different emotions. Polaroid emulsion lift technique.

It's rough, and probably not the intended bike, but this is my #BadBikeFriday effort. :blob_laughing:


Sketch of a wizard on a motorcycle blasting along so fast, the poor wizard is clinging onto the handlebars, feet hanging in the air while they are begging the vehicle to stop.

Pause am Windrad, ich habe heute einen neuen Ständer angeschraubt, der mir letztens abgebrochen war, nachdem er 16 Jahre gut gehalten hatte.
#landscapesketch #MastoArt #KleineKunstklasse #watercolour #ink
Und mein Beitrag zu #BadBikeFriday vom @Curator
Mit blaugrauer und grüner Wasserfarbe über blaue Füllerzeichnung: im Vordergrund steht ein Fahrrad mit dunklen Packtaschen rechts am Bildrand. Es ist nur teilweise zu sehen,  das Hinterrad ist vom Bildrand abgeschnitten. Im Hintergrund stehen 2 Windräder,  eins kleiner und weiter hinten. Davor eine dichte Reihe Bäume. Die Sonne scheint,  denn das Vorderrad wirft einen ovalen Schatten.

Heck yeah, #BadTreeThursday is in full swing! I missed #BadCarWednesday, so hopefully this motorized tricycle makes up for that.

I am #reading My Beijing by Nie Jun, which I used as reference

#mastoArt #Watercolor #Watercolour #Art #Trees #Comic #FanArt

Watercolor & ink of a tree surrounded by a grate. Next to it is a green motorized tricycle with a compartment on the front for a child to ride in.

🆕 Artist: #TABBY / #TabbyThis in City: somewhere 🤫 in #Hamburg Germany 🇩🇪 2023 - Title: "Flower Punk" 💐- #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #StencilArt #Photography #Punk #Fotografie #Bildersuche 🔎 #PhotoSearch (please with Artist-Hashtag and Locations)
Streetartwall. On a gray street wall with green ivy vines was sprayed mural of a punk with flower power hairstyle. The punk is depicted in black and white and sideways. His mohawk hairstyle is made of colorful flowers.
Info: The image is stencilart and is sprayed with stencils mostly in various places and often framed or exhibited limited for sale.

Spirit Sword 🐼 Commission for LopsidedInk on Twitter! :3

Higher res version, timelapse video, and drawing stage snapshots on my Patreon!

[ #WorldOfWarcraft #Pandaren #FurryArt #MastoArt #Commission ]

Digital art of a Pandaren monk, in hooded green armor, facing the viewer and drawing a sword from its sheath. Her hand and the sword are glowing green, with green flames coming off the blade. A cloud of mist is coalescing into a Mogu spirit behind her - it is also holding a sword and drawing it in the same pose as she is.

⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 and Art by Artist: #NazarBilyk in Loc.: #Kyiv Peysazhna Alley, Ukraine 🇺🇦 2011 - Title: "Rain" (Detail) - #Art #Streetart #Mastoart #PhotoArt #Sculpture #Rain 💙 #Ukraine 💛 #Kyjiw #Photography #Fotografie ➡️ #APhotoLove
Photography. Color photo of a sculpture. A huge raindrop hangs on the face of a blue male figure looking at the sky. It is a detail shot of an impressive 1,80 meter high sculpture of a standing man made of bronze and glass.
Info: The work has several meanings, among which it represents the delicate relationship of man with nature. Secondly, the inner dialogue of a man in search of meaning. There are 10 copies. One stood or stands in a park in Kyiv.