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Elon went to the border to do an X livestream - things went even farther south, quickly!

Barely four minutes in, the video aburptly froze and the entire livestream crashed, raining on Musk's parade.

Musk then sent a brief company-wide email:

"Please fix this," he demanded.

I wonder if the last remaining Twitter engineer laughed before replying to his right-wing, radical employer? 🙄🤔
#AureFreePress #Mastodon #Twitter #x #Musk #elon

Elon Musk wearing a cowboy hat backwards at his livestream event.

Elon Musk Begs Taylor Swift to Post Her Music on Zombie Twitter

Between her astronomical album and concert sales, streaming dominance, and general icon status, Swift has no need for further promotion, least of all on a website that sent advertisers fleeing when the billionaire who impulsively bought it became obsessed with defeating the “woke mind virus.”

#TaylorSwift #TaylorsVersion #music #twitter #socialmedia #wokemindvirus #elon #musk #elno #spacekaren

Well we already know that the implant that #Elon got isn't working to well 😂

Chile's salt lakes are drying up killing countless living creatures as #lithium #mines pump all the saline water to let it dry to collect lithium.

#LithiumAddicts have become enemies of our planet. Most EV owners do not know how lithium is mined or whether EV and batteries are truly 100% recycled. They fell into the propaganda dispersed by #Elon #Musk who has a secret team suppressing information about the dark side of #EVs and #lithiumbatteries #climatechange

Content warning: Elon Musk 🆚 California

The ADL CEO didn’t like that #Elon reinstated Trump on #Twitter so he used his organization to target #Twitter advertisers in an attempt to destroy the platform.
This is an accurate replay of why they’re going after X and Elon Musk.
If you don’t do what they say, you’re going to be defamed.


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