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#ElonMusk and #Neuralink:

- He's a hateful, incompetent, self-serving charlatan
- The first person subpoena'd over Epstein rape allegations

- Company is on trial for killing thousands of animals for brain chip experiments

- Company inexplicably just received FDA approval to begin in-human clinical trials

Yeah sure, sign me the fuck up. Lol

I try not to speak in absolutes. But if you volunteer for this, you are absolutely not right in the head.

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In 2015, the suit notes, the #FBI warned #Twitter that it had a problem with Saudi spying. But top officials including former chief executive #JackDorsey met with Saudi leaders, and the kingdom increased its stake in the company that year. It is now the second largest investor, after #ElonMusk

Visits via both accounts only on the Wednesdays since November. Clearly visible the drops on days with technical diffuclties on Twitter, the other days Twitter is clearly in the lead.
Visits via #Mastodon and via #Twitter with a third line showing the extrapolated visits only via our Twitter-account (70% of the total). That matches the number of Mastodon very good.

Über unseren Account @heiseonline auf #Mastodon kommen seit Wochen mindestens so viele Leute auf, wie über unseren Account auf #Twitter.

Das hab ich ja schon ein paar mal erläutert, aber da war ein wichtiger Teil geschätzt. Jetzt habe ich eine neue Zahl, die diese Annahme klar untermauert. Und zwar war unser Account auf Twitter seit Dienstag und bis vorhin weitgehend verstummt (nein, es war wohl unsere Schuld und nicht die von #ElonMusk).


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This is how a lot of shit is going to be for the foreseeable future. People will ask "How can this thing work without all the skilled people?" and the answer, from Reality, will be, "It can't." Supply chains. Airlines. Ships. Schools. Hospitals. They're all going to be like this. #CovidIsNotOver #rondesantis #elonmusk #uspolitics

We didn't ! We were just ... lazy ? I suppose ?
I wouldn't know I wasn't born then. See democracy is cumbersome and the idea of minority protection is counterintuitive. But in some character trait or the other we're all minorities ! And the only way to protect us is through solidarity with one another.

The Americans put that quite nicely:

#ElonMusk #RonDeSantis #Twitter #fascists #fascism

Elon Musk is launching the presidential campaign of Ron DeSantis, the man working to make The Handmaid’s Tale a reality in the US.

At least the Germans had guns to their heads if they opposed the Nazis. What exactly is your excuse for continuing to support this man and his social network?

#ElonMusk #RonDeSantis #Twitter #fascists #fascism

Content warning: Ron DeSantis to declare Presidential bid on Twitter Spaces‽

Content warning: Ron DeSantis to declare Presidential bid on Twitter Spaces‽

#Ihmiset: Käyttävät #Twitter iä kaikesta sen myrkyllisyydestä huolimatta. Käyttävät sitä, vaikka #ElonMusk.

Myös ihmiset: Käyttävät #Facebook ia, #Instagram ia ym. Metan someja, vaikka historiasta tiedetään jo #CambridgeAnalytica -caset, vaikutukset #Trump in valintaan ym. raskaat yhteiskunnallsiet seuraukset ja vaikka ihmiset tietävät, ettei #yksityisyys ole suojassa ja vaikka #Meta toistuvasti siitä kärähtää.

#Ihmiseläin on kyllä maailman tyhmin eläin.



Could #ElonMusk be held accountable for intentional fraud regarding his office spaces?

"Elon Musk told a Twitter advisor at 4 a.m. that the company would only pay rent over his 'dead body,' lawsuit says..."

A new lawsuit alleges that #Elon #Musk told an investor during a 4 am conversation that #Twitter would only pay #rent for its offices "over his dead body."

I've never heard of a company who can work in a building they don't own or pay rent for. This is bizarre.

Elon Musk told a Twitter advisor at 4 a.m. that the company would only pay rent over his 'dead body,' lawsuit says #Twitter #ElonMusk

As a
• 16 yr old
• privately owned
• human behavioural dataset
• to fuel *ANY* #AI
• billionaire #ElonMusk + sovereign immune Trillionaire 👑 MBS/Hows of S'aud choose?
• #Twitter (now folded into X Corp)
• has absolutely no problems whatsoever

Always a 💩 business
He didn't buy it to fix it
He bought it to wield it
And he is.

THIS is what every tech & mainstream media journo, blogger, pundit and analyst has failed to highlight


Musk subpoenaed by U.S. Virgin Islands in Jeffrey Epstein case #VirginIslands #CourtBattles #ElonMusk #JPMorgan #News

In the space of a week it’s flown to Miami for the weekend, a Mexican resort, Paris… these are not business trips, this is not a business jet. It’s flying his wife, kids, girlfriend, harem, concubine, whatever, around the world for party vacations and shopping trips. Spewing out the CO2 output of a small nation.

Als #Twitter noch Mitarbeiter:innen hatte, stemmte sich der betroffene Bereich wirklich mit aller Macht gegen solche Zensuranfragen.

Ich weiss nicht wer sich noch dran erinnern kann, aber Erdogan hatte deshalb 2014 Twitter in der Tuerkei geblockt! Die Nummer ging das bis vor das oberste Gericht... Resultat: Twitter wurde wieder freigeschaltet.

Unter #ElonMusk werden kurz vor der Wahl mal eben die oppositionellen Konten eingeschraenkt.

Freedom of Speech my ass!

Screenshots eiines Tweets von Matthew Yglesias:
"The Turkish government asked Twitter to censor its opponents right before an election and 
 complied — should generate some interesting Twitter Files reporting."

Elon Musk antwortet:

Did your brain fall out of your head, Yglesias? The choice is have Twitter throttled in its entirety or limit access to some tweets. Which one do you want?

Jimmy Wales to #ElonMusk
"What #Wikipedia did: we stood strong for our principles and fought to the Supreme Court of #Turkey and won. This is what it means to treat #freedom of expression as a principle rather than a slogan."

Quoting Musks Tweet saying:
"Did your brain fall out of your head, Yglesias? The choice is have #Twitter throttled in its entirety or limit access to some tweets. Which one do you want?"


Screenshot of the Conversation

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This isn’t just about #Turkey and #Erdogan. What is the message #elonmusk is sending out to the world’s despots and dictators here? If you threaten to throttle @Twitter in your country he’ll do whatever you want. #socialmedia

It's not just that #elonmusk is anti-democratic and totalitarian.
it's that he repeatedly, consistently lies, in order to try to hide that fact, but is rarely ever called out for doing so. #turkiye #turkishelections #Seçim2023 #turkey

#Twitter appeared to limit the reach of investigative news site #Bellingcat days after #ElonMusk suggested its Texas mall shooter investigation was a 'psyop'

Humans experimenting with AI?
#AI experimenting with Humans?

Given #Musk & #Thiel are principally responsible for the injection of #OpenAI #ChatGPT into the world and human brains? – what do you think?

“ChatGPT Plugins And Web Browsing Beta Rollout For Plus Users”

#AI #ML #BigData
#BigTech #VC

“Texas is just a really terrible place for construction workers to do their job."

Antelmo Ramirez was one of more than 1,300 construction workers to die in #Texas between 2011 and 2021, more than California and Pennsylvania combined, reports @gusbova in this week's top story:

#Tesla #ElonMusk #HumanRights #safety #health #workers #news #politics #immigration

Thank you @damemagazine for getting us going!

This week let's highlight @gusbova's moving report on the death of a worker from exteeme heat conditions at the #Tesla gigafactory, and how the company tried to hide his death:

#news #ElonMusk #workers #Texas #politics #ClimateChange #health #Newstodon
@ProPublica @TheConversationUS @mongabay @gbhnews @thexylom @heiseonline

#ElonMusk has picked a new CEO for Twitter

Remember when he was stepping down?


It really doesn't make any sense. It's a feature no one asked for, no one needs on twitter, and doesn't address the horrific problems with the platform in general (mostly made by #elonmusk embarrassing handling of things).

Clowns all the way down.

When will people realize he does this shit primarily to stay in the news cycle? When will they stop reacting to these pronouncements like Pavlov's Dog? #ElonMusk #MuskIsADick #BillionairesShouldNotExist

How to Build (And Destroy) a #SocialNetwork

Status means everything to platforms like #Twitter and Facebook. But contrary to what #ElonMusk thinks, it doesn’t come from a #BlueCheckmark.

"#TwitterBlue may be boneheaded as a revenue scheme, but it excels as a case study in how grappling for status can ruin a social network."

#TwitterTakeover #SocialMedia #BlueCheck #BlockTheBlue #BlueSky

“What Tesla is contending is deeply troubling to the Court […] Their position is that because Mr. Musk is famous and might be more of a target for deep fakes, his public statements are immune […] In other words, Mr. Musk, and others in his position, can simply say whatever they like in the public domain, then hide behind the potential for their recorded statements being a deep fake to avoid taking ownership of what they did actually say and do.”
#Deepfake #ElonMusk

A fun update on Often Wrong's complete failure: paid Twitter.

* Only 640k of Twitter's ~220-230 million users are paying for it.
* Over half of of the people originally paying for it have cancelled.
* 291k Elon SIMPs have less than 1,000 followers.
* 107k have fewer than 100.
* ~3300 have none at all.

#ElonMusk #Twitter #Mashable

Why would anyone trust that clown? He could change his mind next week. #ElonMusk is a 51-year-old child.

Elon Musk went from being the Henry Ford of our generation (admired carmaker, brilliant salesman) to being the Henry Ford of our generation (conspiracy theorist, Nazi-enabler)

#Elon #elonmusk #hatespeech #twitter #birdsite

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