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Tesla's reportedly paused Cybertruck deliveries due to an issue with its windshield wipers. Apparently, when you turn them on you can see all the people laughing at you. - Seth Meyers

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This is 100% about #elonmusk wanting to like Nazi content without getting any pushback.

Tesla är känt för mycket. Inte minst för sin cybertruck, supercharger och sina aktier. Men även för sin krigföring mot facken dess blockader. Nu sätter Elektrikerna ner foten.
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Germany’s AfD is so extreme it was kicked out of the far-right grouping in the European Parliament last month, but Elon Musk thinks their policies “don’t sound extremist.” That’s because he’s also a fascist.

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Imagine the CEO of your company shifting vital resources away from the company and towards his own private company as the stock declines 30% in five months. (1/3)

Personally, I don't understand how people like #elonmusk can avoid accountability so effectively.

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"But Musk...seems to think that he will succeed where others have failed. The issue isn’t that the system works and has checks in place to prevent [voter] fraud from happening and...that rampant fraud doesn’t happen. The problem, instead, is that an insufficient level of genius has been applied to the problem, and once it is, reality will reveal itself like the blooming of a corpse flower."

By @pbump

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