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New blog post about the newly released @youid 1.6.9 that now includes simplified Link In Bio Profile Doc generation without any cross-reference limits. Naturally, these docs embed a powerful Verifiable Credentials #KnowledgeGraph.

Another step towards pseudonymous #Identity #Authenticity that scales to both the #Internet and #Web.

/cc @atomicpoet @judell @blaine

#SSI #NetID #WebID #SemanticWeb #LinkedData #WoT #Privacy
Image depicting the kind of pseudonymous identity enabled by the YouID Verifiable Credentials Generator.

Image generated via Bing Image Creator which now includes DALL-E integration.

As I am "grabbing my handle" on yet another Fediverse instance it reinforces my thoughts on that what the Fediverse truly is missing is an identity provider (IDP) function where I can nominate a main/backup service to handle my logins.

I now have no less than 9 separate Fediverse accounts. I actively use 4 of them (completely different services). I had another 4 mostly for testing. yet another one for grabbing my handle.

I have now added all my other selves on each of the other accounts so I at least can re-post things from myself/other accounts, should I ever need to.

#Fediverse #Identity #Provider #IDP

#SurveillanceCapitalism thrives wherever #Identity is overlooked as a fundamental aspect of solution architecture.

User-controlled Self-Sovereign Identity (#SSI) is the way forward, but this important manner is generally cloaked in confusion that ultimately retains the status quo.

You have no control over your data without full control of your identity and its authenticity.

@Mastodon offers a step-forward via use of "rel=me" .

Episode 141 is out! @katherined and @dsearls hear Dave Huseby's new ideas about identity verification and data authenticity in commerce.
Visit the following link for full episode -

#Identity #Privacy #Technology #Podcast #newEpisode

@davidslifka @blaine @mike We (@openlink) provide a product (@youid) that aids user-controlled self-sovereign #identity authenticity and #privacy, using existing open standards, in the form of a verifiable credentials generator that emits the following:

[1] #X509 Certificate and associated #PrivateKey

[2] portable #HTML based profile document (i.e., #LinkInBio variety) that provides a public paring for item 1 (live example:

#SSI #Identity
HTML-based Link In Bio oriented portable Profile Document More embedded metadata included in HTML-based profile document generated by YouID.
Embedded metadata included in HTML-based profile document generated by YouID.