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@Judeau while i think #mobilizon is amazing, afaik it's considered feature-complete and won't be developed further. and, I actually think the feature that's missing is the simple auth (and rsvp) with an account anywhere on fedi (like owncast implemented it).

The Fediverse has an event organisation platform called @mobilizon, find out more at:


#Mobilizon servers let you create event pages where people can sign up, even without an account.

Mobilizon accounts can be followed from Mastodon etc, and followers will see your latest events appear in their home feed.

It's made by non-profit @Framasoft, who also make @peertube and provide all kinds of nice free open source online services.

#Fediverse #FediTips #Events

My first experiment with by @Framasoft for my company's events failed at a very basic level. Which other FOSS alternatives for meet-ups exist?

#activitypub #events #mobilizon