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You are right, Vee, #Reagan did pull out most of the stops and changed the US political system for decades, until this very day:
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#USpol #UShistory #RepublicanTakeover

It didn't start with #RonaldReagan, though he was a successful paragon of rightwing #Republicanism.

It started in 1965 at the latest:


Last night, Major League Baseball legend Reggie Jackson was asked in a Fox Sports show about how he felt about returning to Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Ala., for a Negro League tribute game. The 78-year-old, who started his MLB career in Birmingham in 1967, did not hold back. He told interviewer Alex Rodriguez about his experience of racial slurs and being denied entry to restaurants and hotels, in a city where the Ku Klux Klan was committing attacks of racial hatred. Here's the story from NBC, including the full video.

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