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"Save America. Stop socialism."

Really?! More like stop corrupt authoritarians, christofascists, and *phobes.

When Disgraced Former President and Convicted #felon Donald J. #trump announced he was going to "drain the swamp" I knew we were in for it.

These are the #people and #corporations who are determined to end #democracy.

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Trump lavishing praise on Rittenhouse's intentional murder of protesters remains the most galling example of the right's explicit endorsement of political violence to me because it clearly demonstrates how little the real and terrible violence mattered to him when it was pointed at "undesirables."

Trump said, "He should not have had to suffer through a trial for that." The violence that Rittenhouse enacted, to Trump, was so obvious and necessary that even an *inquiry* into whether or not three people should have been shot in the streets was seen as an affront.

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Footage of the Donald Trump Assassination Attempt

The gunman was identified by the FBI as Thomas Matthew Crooks.

Crooks, perched atop a nearby roof, was shot and killed by law enforcement.

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A former president, and current president candidate was almost assassinated last night, and so far I've seen only one (1) post about it Mastodon.

Usually this is my goto place for news, but this seems strange. 🤔

EDIT: I'm stupid. I recently added a filter where I mute politics 😅

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I am begging people to put posts about American politics behind a uspol content warning 🥺🥺🙏🏻🙏🏻

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why is everyone wishing a speedy recovery to a rancid fascist - an objectively reprehensible human being & a demonstrably shitty dude? anyway, he was barely grazed. this display of duplicitous diplomacy is nauseating. #uspol

"Political violence is unacceptable"
they repeat as they send another shipment of bombs to drop on desperately hungry refugees with nowhere to go,
as they close the borders for asylum seekers looking for a chance to work and live in peace,
as they set snipers on students protesting for justice,
as their soldiers the world over intimidate and abuse locals with impunity,
as they conspire to depose another regime refusing to let them plunder unimpeded.

Only their violence is OK.

#USPol #TrumpShooting

i’m sad for the majority of USians, who are decent people.
many — too many — are disenfranchised by the electoral college, first past the post voting, inequitable state laws, economic circumstances, media concentration, corporatocracy, or simply not being old enough to vote

for the past few years we have seen the stirrings of civil war in the US, it’s like watching slow-motion footage of a high speed passenger train derailment.

it probably doesn’t matter which group is responsible for trump’s pierced ear; this just brings things a bit closer to what was already coming after the next election —

for now, it hijacks the news cycle with more of the same: emotive misinformation and a feeling of powerlessness. any hope of rational thought, hesitation or re-evaluation is out the window as MAGAs dig in, renewing their vows so to speak.

chaos is profitable. business as usual.

Well, they've found a way to silence the President.


Imagine what would happen if a democrat suggested everyone just get over the attack on Trump.

#USPol #Guns #Trump

The epitome of narcissism. Facing possible assassination, Trump slows the Secret Service detail from evacuating him from the scene, repeating three times: "Let me get my shoes."

I think he cared more about being photographed barefoot than being out of the line of fire.

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Trump was grazed in his right ear and rushed offstage
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Angry Staffer at crappy place:

How long until the GOP comes up with a conspiracy theory that Biden bombed the debate on purpose to get more press?

People are watching, desperately waiting for a mistake… but they’re finding out they like what they’re hearing.


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I have been working on this for the past two months, after growing increasingly concerned about the influence this industry is trying to exert. Did you know crypto companies have spent more this cycle than the oil or pharmaceutical industries, despite being a small fraction of the size?

#crypto #cryptocurrency #elections #USpol #lobbying

There is more to come, including a bot that will post real-time updates about contributions or expenditures, which you can follow in advance at You can also learn more in my announcement post over at Citation Needed:

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Elon just donated a bunch of money to a Trump super PAC, so it's time to sell that electric nazimobile if you haven't already. Plenty of better built EV options now anyway.
#uspol #ElonMusk #evs

It’s finally time to release my newest project:

This website provides a real-time lens into the cryptocurrency industry’s efforts to influence 2024 elections in the United States.

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Stupid people who don't understand that there won't be any other elections.
There's only one way forward.
It's time for adults to fucking act like adults. That means everyone over 21. Being responsible means doing what needs to be done, even when it's hard, uncomfortable, and doesn't necessarily benefit you personally. PEOPLE.
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#Biden awards $1.7 billion to boost #ElectricVehicles manufacturing and assembly in 8 states

"The #Energy Department will issue grants to create or retain thousands of #UnionJobs and support auto-based communities... The grants cover a broad range of the automotive supply chain, including parts for #electric motorcycles and school buses, hybrid powertrains, heavy-duty commercial truck #batteries etc."

#EnergyTransition #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #USpol #Climate

Did you know 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations are not allowed to engage in political activities, but Heritage Foundation (organization behind Trump's Project 2025) does and knows they shouldn't?

Fill out IRS form 13909 online:

IRS form 13909 PDF:

#project2025 #HeritageFoundation #TaxFraud #501c3 #election #politics #political #USpol

What has been the most vile, nauseating, putrid, disgusting piece of inhumanity that you've ever seen..

This is worse.....

Trump lawyers invoke immunity ruling in bid to toss hush money verdict

Donald Trump, conficted felon and poster boy for breaking the 10 Commandments, is an affront to justice.
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Microsoft is suspending email and skype accounts of Palestinians who call home to Gaza. Multiple Palestinians mention buying Skype credits in order to make international calls home. But when they used those credits to call family in Gaza their entire decades old Skype and hotmail accounts were suspended.

#FreePalestine #Skype #microsoft #msft #USPol

You have to be joking. A black woman with a 4 month run to win against tRump who the media refuses to be honest about? Back in 2020 CNN actually photoshopped her off the stage for a debate promo ad. They would demonize her as well as erase every good thing about her and the racists and misogynists would do the rest to destroy her chances. #USPol Biden

Dear Reporters: when you get to ask a question, it shouldn’t have five sentences of pre-context and a second follow up question at the end.

One question and stfu.

(Looking at you Jeff Mason of Reuters)

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" It is a national tragedy that the Republicans have failed to have a similar debate about the manifest moral and temperamental unfitness of their standard-bearer, instead setting aside their longstanding values, closing ranks and choosing to overlook what those who worked most closely with the former president have described as his systematic dishonesty, corruption, cruelty and incompetence."

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Voters say they hate the 2020 rerun presidential race. Shouldn't we be listening to the customer?
On the other hand, they're idiots, as any sales person will tell you, who don't know what they want.

If Americans saw that the US is not only an empire but the most militarily dominant and globally expansive empire in human history, they would not struggle to understand why 'non-Americans care about US elections'

Imagine the soul-crushing propaganda it took to hide this from them!

#USPol #UnitedStates #theWorld #USEmpire

Non-Americans care about US elections for the same reason a hostage cares about the mental state of a gunman.

#USPol #UnitedStates #theWorld #AmericaFuckYeah

At this point I have a feeling Biden could die and the Democrats would dip him in formaldehyde and run him anyway.

#USPol #democracy #fascism #Biden #Trump

New blog by me. I don't usually write about stuff like this but I think it's important to note how this attempted pundit coup — establishment media angling to replace Biden *after* the primary — is one form of democratic backsliding #usPol


In 2022, Daniel Ellsberg, who died in 2023, spoke to Al Jazeera on "Who really benefits from war?" What he had to say is even more important today.

"A failing war is just as profitable as a winning one... War is very profitable for the people who are supplying those weapons to keep it going."

#USPol #Warmongers ..



👉Meet #IvanTheTerrible II, #Trump's #SecretaryOfRetribution👈 #USpol

#Trump's #SecretaryOfRetribution


via #RawStory1):

"Trump’s ‘secretary of retribution’ has a ‘target list’ of 350 people he wants arrested"

No, this is not a joke. And it is to be expected. As many people already are familiar with how #Hitler suppressed the opposition 2), I'd like to focus on #Soviet #Russia first. That same time period of the 1930's provides insights into a potential 2nd term for...


No PW:

when filing a IRS complaint, it will help to specify the 501c3 requirements Heritage violates: lobbying & political campaign intervention

threats of violence in the overthrow of democracy;

partisan activities to appoint far-right individuals into government agencies;

dissolution of gov agencies;

quotes & citations & links A+++

Project 2025 Analysis:

@lawyersgunsnmoney @nancylwayne @QasimRashid @aral

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