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WTF is this Selling puppies?!?


#mastodonsocial , just like #meta, is a pro-
genocide (=racist) entity, actively blocking anti-apartheid, anti-genocide accounts and instances..

should probably get in #fediblock , but most think they're #toobigtofail and "that's acceptable"...

🤔 😡

This account, rewarp[@], operates its own single-user instance, with the explicitly declared purpose of advocating illegal piracy.

Instances that prohibit illegal activities will want to defederate


Just defederate Their policy is not to block anything 🤷‍♂️


I casually thought to check my non-local users and came across this


the same scraper service trying to evade blocks (although it is obviously visible)

I don't know whether the instance hosting is aware, but I'd at least block the account on instance level


Oh! and they're also on .social


So far I haven't blocked any account or instance. Looks like now I will have to.

Starting with @TruthSandwich

#fediblock #fediverse #block #troll

Turns out the #nazi #trolls behind the widely-blocked domain let the domain lapse! Oops!

Looks like it's been reclaimed and parked with an #antiNazi message!


I wrote a little Python script that downloads domain blocks from a specified Mastodon server and saves them as a CSV file that can be imported to your own server. In case this is something you need.

#mastodon #MastoAdmin #MastoAdmins #DomainBlocks #fediblock

Content warning: Fediblock

Content warning: Fediblock

The Awakari data mining bot is back from a new domain:

consider blocking *


Content warning: Fediblock