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I've finally moved my blog back to WordPress (after trying to run it on ClassicPress again for about a year). While I still don't like Gutenberg, too many plugins/themes are reliant on at least WordPress version 5.0 (or higher), and developers seem to have little interest in maintaining backwards compatibility for CP's sake.

That and users have clearly opted instead to just install the Classic Editor or Disable Gutenberg plugins, versus dealing with switching to a forked CMS.


Verkkosivua ja palvelinta ei voi erottaa toisistaan. Moni toimija tarjoaa palvelinta ja ylläpitoa kumppanin kautta, mutta Dudella on verkkosivut, palvelimet, ylläpito ja kaikki siihen liittyvä samassa kattauksessa. Onko kotipesäsi kunnossa, vai majailevatko verkkosivut ties missä?

Lukaise meidän ylläpidosta lisää blogista:

#wpfi #WordPress #WordPressYlläpito #Verkkosivut #DigitoimistoDude
Datasali, jonka keskellä iso WordPress-logo.


I would like to see #SquareSpace joining. Nothing against #Wordpress at all, I just think an add-on for it would also be good because it is another big service for creating websites, and many creators use it for blogs and Youtube related sites.

Air-light WordPress starter theme v9.3.2 released! :neon_skull:

This release is brought to you by 4 contributors and financed by @dude. I'm so happy I can do this for a living. :bunhdheart:


* When page is loaded with "s" in url parameters try to set focus to search input field (kudos to EliasKau)
* Calculate mobile nav top and height in js when there are air notificans present (kudos to @Tumppex)
* Fix irregularities with keyboard navigation #175 (kudos to @michaelbourne!)
* Fix navigation focus trap #175 (kudos to @michaelbourne!)
* Stylelint: Add number-leading-zero from devpackages
* Fix navigation issues #177 (kudos to @michaelbourne!)

WordPress theme directory:

Source code:


#WordPress #wpfi #DigitoimistoDude #WordPressThemes #WordPressStarterTheme #WebDev #CSS #PHP #WordPressFinland #WordPressTheme

I was trying out creating a static site a few weeks ago, and I needed a purpose for that, so I came up with this: It's a #WordPress site flattened by the Simply Static plugin and hosted on #Netlify. I wonder if anyone wants to add a new word? I'd love that. Fill out the form on the 'Submit a Word' page which you can find in the menu!

I think this is #Wordpress first big official announcement of what the press had picked up on a few days ago:

"At Automattic, our philosophy has always been to democratize publishing and make the web a better place. In our acquisition of ActivityPub for WordPress, we’re doing that for the social web."

The announcement about ActivityPub and while @pfefferle isn't mentioned, kudos to him for all the hard work you've done so far! 😁

The install instructions are specific to of course. On a self hosted sure you probably already know how to install it!

#WordPress #WordPressCom

Re-inventing the federated wheel because you don't know that wheels exist

Next finding from our Mastodon WordPress Community survey "Toot The Word" 📊.

74% of the participants see Mastodon as moderately to very important to their WordPress-related social media activity.

🙌 That's something, isn't it?

More info:

#WordPress #Mastodon #Fediverse #TootTheWord @spreadmastodon

Client: "Didn't want to pay for professional and safe plugins for my #WordPress site... so I found something free via a quick Google search."

Me: 🤔
A var with trash cans at the back for exhaust pipees and a wooden spoiler on the trunk.

@Ada Like so many others who joined since the #TwitterTakeover, @David Boles "knows" that the #Fediverse right now consists of only #Mastodon. And #WordPress will become the second project in the Fediverse.

In reality, some WordPress sites run the (still third-party) ActivityPub add-on right now already.

Also, WordPress isn't the second project in the Fediverse after Mastodon being the first. WordPress is the umpteen-plus-oneth project. And out of these umpteen, Mastodon is (starts counting) at least the fifth to actually be deployed in daily public use, name changes not counting. Eight years after the first. And many came after it.


I meant to say that before deciding on #Wordpress I did look into the two native #Fediverse blogging platforms #Plume and #WriteFreely
Plume is apparently end of life and no longer supported. They are actively discouraging anyone from using it. I guess stop listing it in articles about the Fediverse.
For WriteFreely I only found one instance open for registrations, but it appeared to be all spam and scams.
Not good.

From: @MetalSamurai

I created a #WordPress blog and wasted a whole evening moaning about the process.

I created a #WordPress blog and wasted a whole evening moaning about the process.

Automattic has acquired the popular ActivityPub plugin for WordPress. @pfefferle, the plugin's creator, will be joining Automattic to work on ActivityPub integrations full time.

Here's an interview I shot with @pfefferle and @tim about the ActivityPub and Webmentions plugins, and how #WordPress and the #fediverse can be used together.

I wondered when the news of @pfefferle joining Automattic would become public.

I had a productive evening yesterday hacking WP Super Cache so it treated requests from Fediverse instances correctly. Sometimes they want JSON, sometimes it's HTML. PR later this week.

Unfortunately, WP Super Cache doesn't cache JSON requests just yet.

Props to @simon for the link, and @danielauener for the boost.


Interesting #fediverse growth / usage findings here, around #WordPress community and Mastodon crossover

There's a tiny, but very significant change to the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress. Exciting times for blogging. :)

#WordPress #Fediverse

👋 WordPress Community!

it's done! many of you answered our survey. Thank you :wp_heart:!
We worked hard to get the results ready 😅

Thanks @javiercasares @praetorverlag @simon @nathan for doing this with me!

I recommend reading this great article from @sarahgooding:

Or our report (pdf):

For the whole picture checkout the repo with key findings and raw-data here:

#TootTheWord #WordPress #Fediverse @fediversereport

Perhaps it's time to wake my #Wordpress blog from its cryogenic sleep. It's a whole new world.

Share your blog posts on Mastodon with Jetpack

Your readers can now share your blog posts to any Mastodon instance thanks to the new Mastodon sharing button in the Jetpack plugin.

#development #en #fediverse #jetpack #mastodon #plugin #sharing #tutorial #wordpress

Share your blog posts on Mastodon with Jetpack

Your readers can now share your blog posts to any Mastodon instance thanks to the new Mastodon sharing button in the Jetpack plugin.

#development #en #fediverse #jetpack #mastodon #plugin #sharing #tutorial #wordpress

From this important new survey of #WordPress developers on #Mastodon:

"Nearly all participants of the survey expect Mastodon to have some kind of influence on the WordPress community in the future, a majority thinks Mastodon will be very influential or extremely influential. Most of the participants want to see more WordPress content and community discussions on Mastodon in the future."

Bookmarkable for #WordPress developers: the WordPress 6.2 Field Guide.

Just Gutenberg GitHub repo alone brings 1645 pull requests: 292 enhancements, 354 bug fixes and 30 accessibility improvements.

Important notes even if you don’t touch Gutenberg.

Just a reminder that if you want to visit a #WordPress news site - but like only once a day (like reading the front page of a morning newspaper) try and let me know what you think. was released today aiming to generating alt text in #WordPress with "unique mix of artificial-intelligence image and language models”.

Got a weird problem with #wordpress

I have two sites on the same server with the same WP version and the same plugins. But on one site custom links in the menu settings have these additional lines for attributes and relationships, and the other one doesn't.

Any clue what I need to do to enable these fields on the other site?

We're delighted to be on the #Fediverse! By way of #introduction, @linuxaustralia is the peak body for #linux user groups in #Australia, and auspices incredible #OpenSource and adjacent #conferences like @everythingopen and @pyconau, as well as several #Drupal and #WordPress-related events.

You can find us at Membership is free - as in beer - and we warmly welcome new people.

I’m impressed. If you have a languishing #Wordpress site that you’d like to migrate to e.g. #eleventy (11ty) or #astro, just use the regular WP xml export and then run this
Works like a charm.

Thanks for taking up the charge. A couple of observations *as a private #mastodon Instance owner* to add.

Top: An automated instance software upgrade path. As an Ubuntu wannabe, I've been stuck somewhere in 3.x. An availability alert and a trigger in Sidekiq.

Next: Mature Free Support. Nondevelopers don't grok #github #techweenie lingo. Self support like #Wordpress comes to mind. Centralized.

Anyway, thanks!

Watch out, law firms! Researchers have identified a cyber attack campaign targeting law firms using GootLoader and FakeUpdates #malware.

Learn more about how hackers are compromising #WordPress websites to distribute malware here:

#infosec #cybersecurity

ok #WordPress nerds WHO DID THIS 😂

👋 WordPress Community on Mastodon!

So happy to announce the "Toot the Word Survey"!
We, the admins of the 5 WP-related instances have joined, to learn about and improve your tooting experience!

@javiercasares @praetorverlag @simon

Please take 2 minutes to answer our 8 questions before 5 March 2023 and tell us what you think:

And, boost it to the last fediverse corner if you want to make Mastodon a WordPresser :wp_heart: place.

#WordPress #Mastodon #Survey

Just released Simple Dark Mode for WP Dashboard v1.0.1: #WordPress #WordPressPlugins #DarkMode #OpenSource
Screenshot of wp-admin dark mode version.