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🐧Linux's New DRM Panic "Blue Screen of Death" In Action - Phoronix

「 After being talked about for years of DRM panic handling and coming with a "Blue Screen of Death" solution for DRM/KMS drivers, Linux 6.10 is introducing a new DRM panic handler infrastructure for being able to display a message when a panic occurs 」

#Linux #Kernel #BSoD #Opensource

“Just because we don’t consider lack of accessibility to be a blocker doesn’t mean we’re ableist.”

– Open Source folks in my mentions.

#openSource #linux #accessibility #a11y #ableism #fedora #gnome #redHat #IBM #wayland

Freedom isn’t freedom if it’s only for abled people.

Then again, there’s a reason you don’t see the word “freedom” in “open source.”

And there’s a reason “share alike” is just one of the principles of Small Technology, alongside a non-colonial approach, inclusivity, and others. (

#openSource #ableism #foss #freedom #accessibility #a11y #inclusivity #SmallTech

Have you watched the Universal Blue presentation from the Fedora 40 Release Party? It's a great run down of all the latest updates and where we want to go from here. :)

#uBlue #Bluefin #Bazzite #Fedora #FedoraAtomic #Linux #OpenSource #CloudNative

The Fedora Quality Team is joining Week of Diversity with an Accessibility Test Week!

Much like other Test Days, the goal of this week is to put Fedora through its paces and catch as many accessibility related issues as we can for our disable users. If you want to put your advocacy to action, consider participating!

The Accessibility Test Week runs from Jun 19-25, starting tomorrow.

Learn more:

#Fedora #FedoraA11yTestWeek #FWD #Accessibility #a11y #Linux #OpenSource

Ente has just rolled out video editing in their photos app update. Awesome. @ente


Für Radreisen suche ich ein digitales Reisetagebuch oder Reisetracker, über das ich meine Routen tracken, Fotos und Text hinzufügen und mit anderen Menschen teilen kann, sodass die meine Reise und evtl letzten Standort auf einer Karte samt Bilder verfolgen können.

Ideal wäre was im #Opensource Bereich zum selber hosten, quasi als Alternative zu kommerziellen Anwendungen wie #Polarsteps oder #findpenguins

Habt ihr einen Tipp?


#reisetagebuch #selfhosting #askfedi #frage

Repeat after me: non-profits are not charities (philosophically speaking) - they are an accounting tax optimization method.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Anyway, there was nothing open or non-profit about openAI to begin with. This was a way to gather support and acceptance from the larger community (in order to collect among others large amounts of data) - in short #openwashing

#AI #opensource

Oh FFS, #GNOME #developers are so #dumb and #stupid, they can't fix their #bugs and always refuse to add #features. So much for a #FOSS / #OpenSource / #OSS project

*le sigh*

Wait, why is everybody against me? Surely I'm not the problem right?! I was just criticizing 🙄 🙄 🙄

WOW WOW WOW is my initial reaction to the Ditto community server

It is exactly what Nostr needs and what I had hoped atproto would have

It is even compatible with Mastodon API

--previosly nostr relays, storage and ids were complicated
--atproto lacks the ease for self hosters to build their communities compared to those on activitypub

#mastodon #activitypub #atproto #nostr #fediverse #opensource #selfhost #foss

Open source math notes.

#OpenSource #MathNotes #LLM #AI

Lists from #Alternativeto (which this is based on) are usually not very reliable and show information that just isn't correct on a service or often includes services that are not real Alternatives to what you were looking for in the first place. The only thing that helps against that is doing your own research.

To pick out one example (I don't have time to them all): they list #Posteo as being proprietary which just isn't correct. That company is as #opensource as they come.

Is it possible to export #OneNote to #xournalpp ? I cannot get the addon for firefox/chrome working. Changed just changed code to my matching url etc. Export did not start... Any help to get my lecture notes importet to #xournal​?#opensource #help

In the past I used Evernote for notes and then I switched to OneNote for a while. But over the last few years, I switched to using VS Code and Markdown files for keeping notes.

The main reason was that I wanted to keep my notes in a format that wasn't beholden to an app.

The problem was that I could only take notes on my desktop and notebooks that had OneDrive installed (that's how I kept my notes sync'd).

I switched over to Joplin last night and setup end-to-end encryption. I am using a free Dropbox account to store the files for sync -- notes are encrypted at rest on Dropbox, so privacy intact.

The big benefit is that I can now take notes on all my devices (Windows, macOS, Linux and iOS). Win!

#joplin #notes #opensource

I just opensourced the game I made for my gf, I hope it helps someone trying to learn Godot or trying to create a simple Zelda-like game 👍 ✨ :

#godotengine #opensource #indiedev #gamedev

Our list of related #initiatives keeps growing.

A big thank you to @chadkoh for the excellent suggestions to add.

#OpenWebTech #IndieWeb #Web #Technology #OpenSource #Openness #Freedom

We have a new awesome service for - TROM READ -

Basically you can save any page (with images) to your account. You can highlight parts of it, add tags, add collections, even create a sharing link to share it with others. This is an amazing tool for research.

You can read more here - and ask for an account if you want one since for now there is no open registration feature, but we can make an account for anyone.

And do not forget to install the browser extension and connect to your so you can save any webpage faster.

Please consider supporting TROM financially if you can so we can provide more such services -

#foss #opensource #trade-free #bookmark #readeck

This Week in Self-Hosted (7 June 2024)

Open-source commentary from @danb, software updates, launches, new directory apps, a spotlight on Dockcheck - a CLI for simple Docker container image updates, and more in this week's self-hosted recap!

#selfhost #selfhosted #selfhosting #opensource #homelab #foss #docker #container #updates

"Futo, Please don't attempt to create your own Open Source Definition" · Danb Blog

#opensource #FOSS

If you feel disheartened by Adobe's news today 😔💔

I know change can be hard but
I would love to point you to a couple of great alternatives you will get used to in no time:

Replace Photoshop with -> @krita 🖌️

Replace Illustrator with -> @inkscape 🖋️

Why? Because of this:

If you know any other great
Adobe software replacements,
please list them below to help others 👇

#Privacy #Adobe #Photoshop #Illustrator #Krita #Inkscape #OpenSource

I just found out that @IceCubesApp is #opensource 🙌🏻

It was already my favourite app to navigate #Mastodon, but that’s an awesome bonus. 🤩


The Thunderbird story is an epic of countless individual stories, coming together to make something bigger than themselves. We're sharing those stories in a new series, and our first spotlight is on one of our amazing Bugzilla volunteers.

Arthur helps new volunteers document issues, as well as testing bug fixes. Read more at the blog, and find out how to share (or start!) your own Thunderbird story!

#Thunderbird #Community #OpenSource

We have an announcement to make!

Pixelix, the third party client for Pixelfed is open source now!✨

Pixelix is a feature-rich Pixelfed client for Android. DMs, Collections, custom app icons and home screen widgets to name a few. The app is developed natively using Kotlin and Jetpack Compose, which ensures excellent performance.🚀

Pixelix will still be available for 2€ on Google Play Store, but now you also have the ability to compile the project yourself if you want to.
We believe that it is justified that good software costs something and there has to be a way to earn some money from software that is open source.

So if you want to support us please give Pixelix a try and also review it on Google Play Store.⭐

#Pixelix #Pixelfed #OpenSource #GooglePlayStore #Android


But #opensource is the big unstable, unsafe, immature and amateurish organized and communicated issue within the IT organization. 👌🤷🏾‍♀️ #whataday!

#webex breach
#microsoft whattt?
#adobe take my liver!

Entschuldigung, aber ich kann nicht anders als zu fragen: Liebe @Bundesregierung, wie groß sind die Geschenkkörbe der #Microsoft-Lobby, dass Ihr das durchdrückt? Das ergibt absolut keinen Sinn, weder datenschutzrechtlich noch ITSecurity-technisch noch wirtschaftlich. Und von digitaler Souveränität und Unabhäbgigkeit von US-Playern sind wir Lichtjahre entfernt. Ich würde dasselbe Steuergeld lieber bei der Förderung von #OpenSource-Projekten sehen.

Die MS-Produkte werden von Menschen in Entscheidungspositionen von @Bundesregierung, Ländern, Kommunen, Schulen und Unis gekauft (die Kosten kommen noch auf die 197.7 Mio drauf weil anderer Haushalt), weil sie glauben, dass sie damit die Verantwortung für die Sicherheit abgeben: "Man muss ja wen anrufen können". Und jetzt sagt MS: Ätschibätsch, müsst ihr ja eh selber machen.

Während wir gute Leute haben, die gut gewartete lizenzkostenfreie #OpenSource-Lösungen administrieren können und wollen.

Posted a new article featuring several capable self-hosted Google Analytics alternatives this morning.

I'm deploying Umami for and a few other sites, but definitely recommend checking out the others as well.

#selfhost #selfhosted #selfhosting #webdev #analytics #homelab #foss #opensource

Proprietary apps? No, thanks, I'm happy with FOSS apps. 😌


My team at Samsung Open Source Group is hiring! If you’re interested and you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. #jobs #opensource

This Week in Self-Hosted (31 May 2024)

Software launches, updates, new directory apps, a spotlight on Alex Kretzschmar @ironicbadger - a content creator and frequent contributor to the self-hosted community, and more in this week's self-hosted recap!

#selfhost #selfhosted #selfhosting #opensource #foss #homelab #contentcreator

#thunderbird starts a "series of [...] tips and tricks focusing on our favorite time management and productivity advice"

The best advice ist to do this while rocking it out (see picture).

I have mine set up, to go from 70's to the new classics rock to support my doing.

#playlist #spotify #rock #80s #70s #90s #mozilla #opensource #closedsource