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ooo good question! Here's where I'm at in #CurseOfStrahd

- Strahd just received word that the party slayed the werewolf alpha, and is about to be beseiged by an opposing faction of the pack

- Anastrasya is kicking around Vallaki, preparing to make a big move

- The Greenteeth coven is on the search for an infant they can use to replace the hag that the party killed earlier

@Frank I think it depends on how much money #Hasbro / #Wotc will lose in the foreseeable future.

As I said before, corporate bullying is nothing new in the hobby scene.

I already blacklisted #GamesWorkshop, my last #DnD related book was #CurseofStrahd, and the ridiculously overhyped #MörkBorg was probably my last #OSR book. Even before the #OGlL shit I strongly disliked clones/rip-offs like #OSE, #DC, #Pathfinder.

There are so many games out there I prefer over redundant #d20 crap. #ymmv