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What's in store for the #privacy space in 2023? 🔮

Our Co-Founder & CEO Patricia Thaine makes her predictions about how #privacythinking will evolve in the new year, takes a look back at the results of her 2022 predictions, and shares limitations as well as opportunities for #innovation.

Patricia's 2023 predictions include:

✅ Governments will begin to reconsider employee privacy rights.
✅ A rise of companies linking their privacy policies with the company’s actual code reviews.
✅ Governments worldwide will have more serious discussions about providing #dataprotection, privacy, and #cybersecurity subsidies or incentives.

Read more via Total Security Advisor:

My comments in TechCrunch piece about my #GDPR data protection conplaint on OpenAI ChatGPT.

Privacy by Design standards in AI/LLMs.

If this is the Josef K. moment of AI, may we find appropriate industry standards concerning actual risks, not sci-fi ones?

#dataprotection #llm #ai #artificialintelligence

Ylva Johansson definierar "okunskap" 😔

Det här är så obegripligt dumt att det slår alla rekord.

#chatcontrol #EU #eupol #encryption #privacy #dataskydd #e2ee #dataprotection

A few hours ago I discovered that all my school grades, from age 10 to 18, are available on the website of the Chilean Ministry of Education. Anyone can download them, knowing my rut and year, and a captha (so secure) in the computer version (which is not in the mobile). This is the level of privacy protection in Chile, unacceptable and worrisome.

PS: The RUT has been leaked so many times it is pathetic now


#privacy #Chile #dataprotection