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This, in my opinion, is the #solarpunk #gamedesign that we were missing: not building something in the ruins of the old world, with the same tech trees, but consciously _shedding_, _learning_, _balancing_ and _coexisting_ with what's already there.

Such a #game would not only feel different: thematically, in the core loop, spiritually, but could also teach us something, change how we see the world around us and how we think about our daily lives.

You could add some resource management, but it's important to know that this is not what the #game is about: you want people to learn, not to grind or automate.

Think about #outerWilds loop mechanic: at some point you just know where to go to solve a problem easier, without so much struggle, without forcing it.

You did not unlock a new skill with 500 Science Points, you didn't scan 23 new plants. You learned how the ecosystem works and you are in balance with it.

This is the part that usually gets montage-d in all the movies where the protagonist "learns the way of the wild" etc.

But let's not gloss over it this time, let's make it #gamedesign , #gamemechanic , where the #game >is< about that.

You are still an agent, you can decide your fate, you have a knowledge base and tools, but you learn you can _adapt_ and not just _destroy_ or _forcefully change_.

You slowly carve a niche for yourself.

It's a #game of understanding, it's a game of a #sustainable #solarpunk #degrowth , where you shed the parts which are not useful in the new environment.

#solarpunk #gamedesign idea:

Survival game where you learn to be a part of an ecosystem and slowly abandon your unsustainable "tech tree" replacing it with sustainable, local solutions.


A lot of games are trying to replicate very expansionist core loops, be it Minecraft's, Factorio's and so on, which see the player as a force acting on the environment / ecosystem, not working together with it.

Why not change it?

#game #gameidea #degrowth

Can't imagine how people would want a #WWII theme top down shooter #game where your female protagonist can have sex with Hitler.

Apparently, such a bizarre game exists in #Steam. And it has a "Very Positive" overall response.

Someone commented "10 out of 10. I had sex with hitler".