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Coming soon from Aconyte Books; The Stars Beyond, an anthology based on the epic space-battles of the Twilight Imperium boardgame.

Features six First Contact stories, from M Darusha Wehm, Alex Acks, Robbie MacNiven, Sarah Cawkwell, Tim Pratt - and me. And it was a lot of fun!!

#bookstodon #boardgames
Cover of book, showing two spaceships facing off over a ringed planet.

@lategamer Enjoy, in my opinion, #OspreyGames has some neat #boardgames and #ttrpg. Right now, Iβ€˜m digging #HeirstoHeresy, a #ttrpg about the fall of the #knighttemplars. Itβ€˜s certainly not perfect, I like the basic concept and some ideas. As far as I know, there is nothing we couldn’t with some #houserules.

Played Lands of Galzyr today. This is the first narrative adventure game I’ve played that is not β€œkill-everything-in-sight.” Lots of cute humor in this. I went to jail for joining a revolution. My husband led a group of bitchy marmots on a hike, and then got lost, and then got separated from the group he was leading. He ended up a completely different city. No word on the fate of the marmots he left behind. Oops. #boardgames
Lands of Galzyr box cover and map showing the city of Yezden and a player token.

#OrcaCon Day 2 started off with a quick game called The Shipwreck Arcana, followed by teaching The Networks

A shot of the table midway through The Networks