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@The Air Whisperer @Chris Trottier The key to success in the #Fediverse is to not use it like #Twitter.

You can't just sit there and complain about the lack of an algorithm that shoves your posts into everyone's faces without doing anything for it.

You want your posts to be visible? Use #hashtags. That's how stuff gets exposure in the Fediverse, whether you like it or not.

There are NO filters on Diaspora, brother @Hans. The only options are to be very, very picky about who you add to your #Aspects and the #Hashtags you follow. Your only means of avoidance of shit is the Ignore option, which isn't nearly as useful as it sounds.

I suppose the question on searching is whether it *needs* to exist. Are #Hashtags enough? I don't have the answers to this, and I wouldn't claim to, but it is one of the questions.

Content warning: Mastodon is not like Twitter at all!


Yeah, it can be used to search out certain #hashtags and topics. Just to go and bully someone. You underestimate some of the people on the internet.

@katmmoss @TeaPol @simon_lucy @atomicpoet @fediversenews

Many people like me use #socialmedia for #news. #Mastodon will likely never become a place for #journalists because #reporters need fast access to #information using a robust #search function. #Mastodon needs a universal #optin #optout for #search.

#Hashtags #are #stupid.

@Netux @Tattooed_mummy @arnie_dxer @rigrig
Because you use #hashtags so that people can find your posts. Otherwise, there is no reason to use them. People follow and search hashtags. Otherwise, your posts are just for your followers.