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This guy just got deleted from Mastodon for putting up a link to the Reichstag fire.

Same reason I got deleted from .social

@gargon has either gone full Nazi, or he's a history revisionist.

Retweet, you COWARDS. People should not disappear.


Tip for @guardian
Authoritarians on the rise on #mastodon

Deleting the lives of everyone they disagree with.

Far right leaning instance .social is hiding the #disabled , #indigenous , #women , and all anti #genocide voices.

The Economist recently published an article on the history of Taiwan and China in maps. The article and maps contained a number of false claims and ignored the sovereignty of Indigenous peoples, writes Michael Turton

"These mapping conventions are an important way that indigenous history, sovereignty and power are simply erased."

#Taiwan #China #maps #Indigenous #sovereignty

Navigating New York’s court, health-care and other systems and institutions is tough for anyone but even more so if there’s a language barrier. @themarkup tells the story of Concejo de Pueblos Originarios, a collective set up by Indigenous migrants from Mexico and other parts of the Americas. Its goal is to educate migrants about social programs, public services and government resources in New York via livestreams in Indigenous languages such as Tlapaneco and Tu’un savi. The group also provides live interpreters at court and organizes community meetings.

#NewYork #Immigration #Indigenous #Newstodon #NewstodonFriday #FollowFriday

To inform the next stage of our federation, we ran a poll on this very desk about local news (more to come soon). In the meantime, we’re sharing this story from NPR about a new grant they’ve received to establish a new regional newsroom in Appalachia, hire a digital editor and journalist covering Indigenous affairs, and more.

#LocalNews #NPR #Journalism #Media #Appalachia #Indigenous #Newstodon #NewstodonFriday #FollowFriday

First Nations leaders from across Canada gather in Montreal for AFN annual general assembly

Assembly’s theme is ‘Strengthening our Relations’

#News #Indigenous #Canada

#Parintins, #Brazil

A member of the Boi Bumba Garantido association performs during the Boi Bumba folklore festival at the Bumbodromo in Amazonas State. Parintins is well-known internationally for its festival, which lasts for three days in late June and whose themes, costumes, and songs are based on #Indigenous cultures of the #Amazon rainforest

Photograph: AFP/Getty Images


URGENT! please help a #disabled #indigenous #mom & #artist cover rent and utilities. she's been sick but needs to keep her family safe and sheltered. "I have until Monday or my gas gets shut off. Electric due by Friday and rent due on Saturday. I'm trying my best but I'm drowning over here." anything helps!

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The latest in my ongoing #GreenColonialism investigation: a federal agency has moved forward with a renewable energy development on Yakama sacred lands, despite not having consulted with the Yakama Nation.

They cornered the Yakama Nation with an impossible choice: give up confidential cultural information, or waive the right to consult. Some experts say this is a disingenuous tactic, showing the lack of teeth tribal consultation really has.

#Indigenous #Washington

This story is staggering!
A group of young #Apache women who participated in the #Sunrise Dance which celebrates coming of age as Changing Woman (in other words it is a sacred #menarcheal #ritual) were then expelled from their (Lutheran extremist) school for 'satanic practices'.

'Maria, a younger woman in her late 30s, was there to share a similar story. The school board found that she had also participated in what they considered a satanic ceremony. Her children were not allowed to return to school the next year. The school had decided to penalize the children for the perceived sins of their mother.

Astonishingly, this pattern of Christian discipline, started more than a century ago, had never stopped.'

🩸What century are we in? 🩸
#Indigenous #menstruation #religion #cosmology #Indigenousrights

Today's summer #solstice marks the longest day of the year, when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky.

Spiritually, the summer solstice represents a time of renewal, growth, and connection to the natural world.

Both the words “solstice” and “resist” derive from the Latin verb sistere, which means “to stop” or “to stand still.” Interestingly, some acts of resistance by #Indigenous peoples to preserve their traditional ways of life revolve around the solstice.

Juneteenth has #Indigenous history. When Black people who escaped slavery in Florida joined the Seminole Tribe, they became Black Seminoles. They're also called Mascogos b/c they migrated to Mexico, where slavery was already abolished. The Mascogos built the town El Nacimiento in 1852, but still interacted with Seminoles in Texas who brought them Juneteenth in the 1870s. Black Seminoles in Mexico had to survive slavery, the Trail of Tears, & the US-Mexico Border to celebrate #juneteenth #history

Went to an Indigenous event yesterday in San Francisco where they built a fire with volcanic rocks to make acorn mush. The guy doing it said it’s important to get these round, tumbled rocks and they usually come from east of the Sierras. They ran a very inclusive event yesterday where different Indigenous groups came and asked the Yelamu people for permission to come ashore (into the Bay). Everyone shared their songs and stories. I learned a lot.

#SanFrancisco #California #Native #Indigenous

Our top story: As the researchers proceeded to search for textiles, they realized they had stumbled onto a crime scene. A massive theft of pre-Columbian art reveals troubling truths about Texans’ role in the illicit antiquities trade.

#history #culture #HumanRights #Indigenous #Texas #politics #USpol #news