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Navigating New York’s court, health-care and other systems and institutions is tough for anyone but even more so if there’s a language barrier. @themarkup tells the story of Concejo de Pueblos Originarios, a collective set up by Indigenous migrants from Mexico and other parts of the Americas. Its goal is to educate migrants about social programs, public services and government resources in New York via livestreams in Indigenous languages such as Tlapaneco and Tu’un savi. The group also provides live interpreters at court and organizes community meetings.

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Today in Labor History July 6, 1889: Striking construction workers in Duluth were shot down by the police. The workers, mostly immigrants, went on strike when contractors reneged on an agreement to pay them $1.75 a day. Mayor John Sutphin ordered police to keep strikers away from scabs, leading to fighting between strikers and police. There was an hour-long gun fight on the corner of 20th Avenue West and Michigan Street that killed two strikers and one bystander and wounded an estimated 30 strikers. The police eventually suppressed the strike through violence.

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Rs' awful #immigration plan:

They'd transform how the US deals with ppl already living in the US -lawfully & unlawfully +remake the policy governing ppl coming to the US: ending the protection from deportation that several million ppl have had for years thru DACA, mass detention & deportation campaign targeting every undoc. person in the country (~11M) explicitly modeled on a program from the 1950s known as “Op. Wetback“ -to jail & deport with virtually no due process...

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Far Right thug & leader of the anti-foreigner #EDL, Tommy Robinson arrested at an extremist event in #Canada on suspected immigration offences!

Plain-clothes police detained him under an outstanding immigration warrant.

The Far Right activist was due to speak at several other events in Canada. He's been ordered to stay in the country & hand in his passport.

Oh dear... Oh well 🤷🏾‍♂️


#Trump spreads #violent rhetoric by suggesting migrants should be pitted in fights for entertainment.

During a speech to #Christian #conservatives on Sat afternoon, & AGAIN at a rally in Philadelphia that evening, Trump claimed he told his friend Dana White, pres of the UFC, that he should start a spinoff competition featuring migrants, as part of his riff on restricting #immigration.

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“Fed judge temp blocked #Iowa law that allowed law enforcement in state to file criminal charges against people w outstanding deportation orders or who previously had been denied entry to US..issued prelim injunction bc he said DOJ & civil rights groups who filed suit against the state were likely to succeed in their argument that fed #immigration law preempted the law approved this spring by Iowa lawmakers”

👍🏻 #Biden to waive penalties for undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens

President Biden will announce plans to clear the way for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants married to U.S. citizens to apply for legal residency #immigration

🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 “The #Biden administration is making plans to announce one of the largest #immigration relief programs in recent history, developing a policy that would offer legal status to hundreds of thousands of immigrants living in the country without proper documents”