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Items tagged with: markdown

Here’s another example…
< in the browser / in #IceCubesApp >

Why is it doing that? 🥹

Screenshot of a post about Introduction posts with three bullet-points shown as bullet points, each on a separate line.
Screenshot of the same post but the bullet points are not visible and there are no line breaks between the three sentences, making it hard and annoying to read.

With #Markdown formatting (web browser view) / without it (#IceCubes app view):

@IceCubesApp I really like your app but please, could you implement Markdown formatting? Or at least show the raw text instead of removing Markdown markers? 🙏🙂

Link to screenshotted post:

Screenshot of one of my posts about coding, it has a content warning, some normal text and some code. The code is shown as a code block with numbered lines, a grey background and a horizontal slider.
Screenshot of the same post but viewed in the IceCubes app. There is overall less lines shown because the code block is formatted as normal text, so there is no slider and it takes most of the screen. Also, a line break is missing towards the start, making it harder to understand the post.