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Find It Hard to Focus? You May Have Cognitive Disengagement Syndrome

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With a bronze medal, an athlete might feel “At least I won a medal” or “It could have been worse.”

A silver medal gets a different comparison: “I almost won gold.”

More about reframing your perceptions of success – whether you’re running a marathon or trying for a promotion:

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If there's one thing that's inevitable when you're trans and out online, it's running into transphobic hate speech. How we fight it and protect ourselves when we do, however, makes a big difference.

This week on #StainedGlassWoman, we're looking at the psychology of radicalizing public rhetoric, how normal folks turn into transphobes, and how to stamp out their hatred effectively, and while minimizing their ability to hurt you.

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We’ve Hit Peak Denial. Here’s Why We Can’t Turn Away From Reality

"We are living through a terrible time in humanity. Here’s why we tend to stick our heads in the sand and why we need to pull them out, fast"

"We need to guard against lowering our standards for normalcy. When we mentally and emotionally recalibrate to the new normal, we also disassociate from our own humanity."

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Have you ever walked into a room and then wondered why you went there?

If you’ve experienced this phenomenon, you’ve had a ‘prospective memory lapse’.

Researchers share tips and tricks that can help you improve your memory functioning in moments like this:
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