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It's pretty telling about the impact Twitter/X still has in the social media landscape when you get a screenshot from over there with every other toot... #twitter #fediverse #socialmedia

This is a spectacularly good analysis of why traffic referrals from social media have fallen off a cliff and what it means for publishers. This all comes out of what @pluralistic calls the enshittification of publishing, social media, and ads. People are tired of and overwhelmed by clickbait journalism. The answer, of course, is to provide actually good content, and present it well.

#content #journalism #media #SocialMedia

As a media analyst, I share the frustration that many publishers have. As a niche publisher, I stopped using Facebook several years ago because that was when they stopped showing my followers my articles. And we see the same thing now on other channels, like Twitter.

But, at the same time, it's painfully clear that this fake social focus, where we are not actually being social and creating communities, but are instead optimizing for random people doing random crap, but having zero interest or connection, was never a good future for publishers to have.
And finally, we have the elephant in the room... which is advertising.

The way advertising works today, for publishers, is fundamentally hostile to our future business model. Obviously there are different types of advertising, but the main culprit here is third-party programmatic display advertising.

The problem with that model is that it's defined around scale and volume, and now that publishers are seeing a decline in that area, these third party ad networks are acting against our future strategies and revenue potentials.

For instance, right now we see a lot of economic uncertainty that has caused brands to not only demand better results for less money, but also made brands very reluctant in terms of ad spending.
What doesn't work is to produce even more crappy content. If Netflix did that, everyone would cancel their Netflix subscription. Instead, the winning strategy (which is not as easy as it sounds) is to produce really good content for bored people to watch.

It's the same for magazines or newspapers. You can't fix this by creating more crappy content because the 'source' of traffic is not realistic. For instance, I see many who are saying that they will just use AI to produce a ton of low-quality crappy articles to have something for their bored audiences to see, often via SEO. But, it's only going to be a matter of time before Google de-ranks that type of content because none of it is what people want when they are searching for something they need.

In a recent podcast, @pluralistic & said he writes a lot cos it's a way to deal with the anxiety he gets about things.
I can relate. I have a lot of thoughts rattling in my head all the time. If I don't externalise them into words, I get overwhelmed, anxious & can't sleep, so I often share them on #socialmedia first because it's quick. Later, I will flesh them out into a #blog post or a #journal entry.
#Writing this way is a form of selfcare.

#WritingCommunity #blogging

I constantly hear "Mastodon looks clumsy" as a reason why X people don't get excited. This is why I for one have focused in making my instance feel good and familiar. The problem is, it's not like this everywhere. It's not consistent. It would be fun to see something more modern in the Mastodon core in the future. After all, Mastodon is the most viable "Twitter alternative" of them all.

If I were to suggest Firefish or Akkoma, most people would be shocked. Mastodon is "almost there". People get in, but then give up. Mastodon should attract more than just a certain type of nerds. This is why it needs more work FROM us, the nerds. #Mastodon #MementoMoriSocial #MastodonBirdUI #MastodonDev #WebDev #SocialMedia

Screenshot of the Mastodon Bird UI.

Nyt olen myös Bluesky socialissa. Löytyy mustikkasoppa nimellä.

Loin tilin sinne testaakseni sovelluksen saavutettavuutta ja muuten vain haistelen vähän mimmone ympäristö se on.

#BlueskySocial #SocialMedia #app

#ElonMusk's #X follower count bloated by millions of new, inactive accounts

"Of the 153,209,283 X accounts following Musk at the time the data was collected, around 42 percent of Musk's #followers, or more than 65.3 million users, have zero followers on their own account. Just over 72 percent, or nearly 112 million, or nearly 112 million, of these users following Musk have less than 10 followers on their account." 🤡

#Twitter #TwitterTakeover #SocialMedia

Yea... #LinkedIn is for boring work stuff. #Mastodon is for fun stuff.

Do you use LinkedIn? What do you post there?

#socialmedia #social

Elon Musk Begs Taylor Swift to Post Her Music on Zombie Twitter

Between her astronomical album and concert sales, streaming dominance, and general icon status, Swift has no need for further promotion, least of all on a website that sent advertisers fleeing when the billionaire who impulsively bought it became obsessed with defeating the “woke mind virus.”

#TaylorSwift #TaylorsVersion #music #twitter #socialmedia #wokemindvirus #elon #musk #elno #spacekaren

If you still have an account on Twitter, I appreciate any help to boost this to try and convince more to move! :birdsite: :mastodon:
#twittermigration #twitter #mastodonmigration #socialmedia #threads #bluesky #mastodon
🐦Twitter: Elon Musk
🧵Threads: Mark Zuckerberg
🦋BlueSky: Jack Dorsey
🐘Mastodon: Eugen Rochko
Photos of four social media platform owners/leaders

(Nitter addon enabled: Twitter links via

For people who find Mastodon a lot of work, there is a ”For you” algorithmic feed in @mammoth app for iPhone. #Mastodon #MastodonApp #SocialMedia
A screenshot of For you feed on Mammoth, it shows posts that are maybe interrsting to just me. Here there is an iOS 17 related post by Christian Selig: In the new Pixel Pals update to get PixelQuest working as a full iOS home screen game, I has to code in actual procedural chunk loading for the map…, and a video of Zelda-like game.

The Ukrainian government was savvy and quick with its #socialmedia strategy, showcasing stories of Ukrainian resistance all over social media only days after Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022.

This was back when the site known as Twitter had content moderation and a level playing field.

#Ukraine #UkraineWar

Yesterday Justin Trudeau revealed that agents of the Indian government murdered a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil. When Canadian Sikhs went to post about it on Facebook, the platform removed their posts as a violation of Indian law.

#tech #meta #facebook #socialmedia #cdnpoli

Well that's one way to get everyone to join Mastodon and Threads 😂 Is he serious?? Nobody is going to want to be on "X" if it's pay to stay.

#Mastodon #Threads #ElonMusk #X #SocialMedia #tech #Twitter #TwitterMigration

screenshot from a post on Threads that says:
hell yeah, do it – drive a stake in its heart 
below is a photo of a tweet from Dave Lee @DaveLeeBBG that says: Elon Musk revisiting an idea apparently floated privately in the past -- charging *everyone* to use Twitter. A lower tier than premium. "We've moving to a small monthly payment for use of the X system," he just told Benjamin Netanhayu, saying it's only way to stamp out the bots.

Today, I presented my thoughts on the critical junction of democracy in our digital age for the media authorities in the nordic region. I based my remarks on the report, "A Nordic approach to democratic debate in the age of Big Tech," which offers a roadmap on how to address these complex issues in our region. My remarks can be found here, in text and recording.

#democracy #socialmedia #activitypub #democraticdialogue

Twitter-Alternative: #Bluesky knackt Marke von einer Million Accounts

Ein Jahr nach der #TwitterÜbernahme hat es den Anschein, dass Abwandernde auf unterschiedlichen Plattformen landen. Nun hat die nächste eine Million Accounts.

#Kurznachrichtendienst #SocialMedia #TwitterAlternative

Screenshots der Bluesky-App

#Twitter was one of the most important tech utilities for #reporters to break stories and deliver #real-time news, until Elon Musk bought the company. He not only killed the #SocialMedia platform, he destroyed one of our most vital #news outlets.

@andreagrimes on how the destruction of the bird app has impacted her and many other independent #journalists.

The most important part in English:

Past weeks articles of heise online ( got more visits via #Mastodon than via #X/#Twitter. There are a few effects in it (we're re-sharing some articles in the #Fediverse on the weekend, so that brings extra visits and last Friday our twitter-bot did not work), but the trend seems clear: While Mastodon/the #Fediverse remain stable, the visits via X are decreasing now.

The one-year anniversary of the #TwitterTakeover is still some time in the future, maybe Mastodon overtakes X as traffic source for us completely until then?


Decreasing number of visits via X, some growth for Mastodon

#Twitter (#X) allows open #Racists, #Antisemites, #WhiteSuprmacists, and #Nazis to remain on the platform unless their advertisers complain. So the following rule applies.

[See attached image]

So you aren't a #Nazi, you've already left the #toxic #socialmedia #hellsite once Musk took it over and made it a haven for #farright #fascism, #hate, and #bigotry.

Dr. Jens Foell @fMRI_guy
Replying to @TrancewithMe

As we say in Germany, if there's a Nazi at the table and 10 other people sitting there talking to him, you got a table with 11 Nazis.

7:18 PM - 13 Feb 2018
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