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Dock Of The Bay

Just North of the Golden Gate Bridge is a small city named Sausalito. Sausalito is a beautiful city with hillside homes and docks that stretch out into the bay.
At the north end of the city is an old military base and Coast Guard Station. I saw the repeating lines and patterns and saw how the light played with the water. I knew that I had to make this shot. See the full image here: #DockOfTheBay #BillGallagherPhotography #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #Light

Dock Of The Bay

This is an image of the underside of a dock that stretches out into San Francisco Bay from Sausolito.
This is is more about composition, texture, repetition, and light.
The post that hold up this dock are concrete. They are coroded from the years exposed to the sea water and there are barnacles near the bottom of each. 
The frame of the docks underside repeats symmetrically down the length of the structure almost to a vanishing point.
The light coming in from the right side of the dock shines down and exposes the bright green waters of the bay.

My favorite shot from a sunset last week here in Bellingham. Going to be releasing this and others from the past few months on my #fineartphotography website. Stay tuned!

#bellingham #whatcomcounty #boardwalk #sunset #longexposure #water #sunflare #BuyIntoArt #ayearforart #photography

The setting sun creates a sun flair on one of the support beams of the boardwalk in Bellingham.

Do you get tired of trying to fit in? Bending over backwards, tying yourself in knots trying to be what everyone thinks you should to be? Why is it so hard to line up with the other plastic flamingos?

More art about mental health:

Help get this work to teens as a coloring book or art lesson:
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a real flamingo bending over backwards trying to fit in with the plastic ones lined in the background

"Yangze River" is a painting of a river scenery in traditional Chinese free style technique with ink on rice paper.

Chinese landscape painting, in general, is the famous paintings art that take landscapes as themes, treats the natural mountains and rivers as major description objects.

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chinese ink painting, river with 3 boats, mountains in background and hills with trees besides the river

Hello! We look for silence and tranquillity. Some will find them in meditation, others, in walking, sport. Photographing plants is a meditation for me. I'm particularly close to absolute silence and detachment from reality when I look into the world of plants through macro lenses. When I get close enough to it, it becomes something other than what it was when I looked at it from a distance.
#introductions #photography #MastoArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #green
Close-up photography of pine needles in green-yellow tones.

A couple years ago, I was out in the middle of a snow storm, getting as many photographs as I could. On my way home, I spotted the Norfolk Southern 1198 train just sitting on the tracks. The engines were idling, and when they turned on the lights, I knew they were getting ready to move on.

Prints and more are here -

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Norfolk Southern 1198 train on the tracks in the snow. Trees and branches are covered with snow and snow on the ground. The visibility is a snow haze towards the end of the train. Landscape view shows the length of the long train with the caboose out of sight and around the bend.

Image at:

See more art at:

Society is obsessed with numbers: your weight, your clothing size, your bank account, and your social media popularity are just some of the ways you're measured.

What do these stats help you understand your own experience of the world? Of all the records about you, which one do you feel best represents you in real life?

More art and questions about mental health:

#mastoart #fediart #traditionalart #illustration #womensart #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #lgbtq #mentalhealth

a skeleton made of measuring tape with a scale for a face, holding a bank statement and phone showing social media stats