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Starlight frog. Lives exclusively in dark caves from 10 meters deep. One of the only bioluminescent species of frogs, and the only known species to have wings.

#SillyCuratorPrompts #Mastoart #Doodle #Frogerfly
A sitting frog on a beige background. It's colored in a black-to-cyan gradient from top to bottom, the dark parts of its skin covered in glowing cyan dots, just like the big butterfly wings on its back, with their underside mainly colored in plain cyan. It's eyes are fully cyan, radiating a soft glow. It's toes are black.

Goodmorning, this is this mornings selfportrait..

Wakes Up
#80 ADHDays portrait series

#art #drawing #adhd #artist #painting #portrait #series #selfportrait #poetry #doodle #mastodon #days
Abstract drawing in light yellow and charcoal

Do you #doodle?
Do you doodle e.g. while you listen to the radio or attend a lecture? What comes up?
This emerged from a debate about banishing religious symbols/ head scarfs:
On the left side in distance towers close together, waves or hills around it, mounting to the right, a rock on the right corner in front, a bug sits with a small butterfly on its back sirs on the rock
Srawn with a pen on squared paper