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It will depend on the platform. For example, #Friendica (and to an extent #Hubzilla and #Streams), the owner of the group (and anyone else given moderation access) can block accounts. There is also which can also block accounts.

Then there is #GNUsocial, which is a rebranded #StatusNet itself a rebranded #Laconica (the first #Fediverse software, c. 2008) have built-in groups feature; which IIRC, can also block users if needed.

Personally, services like Guppe really need to add moderation features, otherwise, what you just described will more likely happen.

@jupiter_rowland @fediversenews

@Each Hit Music @Chris Trottier I've started working on a series of comparison tables for the Join the Fediverse Wiki that currently compares the features of

I may add at least #Socialhome and #FoundKey.

I don't know if I'll ever complete and publish these tables, but it won't be anytime soon because it'll be a whole lot of features in these tables. Also, I'll very likely need help from users of other projects to complete the tables.