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Richard Goldinger, the DA in #Butler County, PA, where the #Trump rally took place, said the #SecretService “was informed that the local police dept did not have manpower to assist w/securing that building.”

Goldinger’s account was confirmed by a Secret Service ofcl briefed on the incident, who spoke on the condition of anonymity….

#SecretService was told police could not watch building used by #TrumpRally shooter

Local police alerted the Secret Service before #Trump’s rally Sat that they lacked the resources to station a patrol car outside a key building where a gunman later positioned himself, acc/to local & federal #LawEnforcement.

The #SecretService ofcl confirmed that positioning an officer outside the bldg was considered one of the ways to protect against the risk that the agency prepares for at all public events — that a shooter on high ground has a clear line of sight on the president or other senior ofcls being protected. The bldg, owned by Agr Int’l, was just outside the #security perimeter for Sat’s #Trump rally.

T**** wants to prevent those he considers "suckers" and "losers" from voting.
#Veterans #Trump #Vote #VoterSuppression

Special counsel #JackSmith formally indicated on Wednesday that he is appealing Monday’s decision to throw out the classified #documents indictment against Donald #Trump. #legal

In light of the GOP's recent insistence that Democrats are to blame for the assassination attempt by driving political violence with rhetoric, perhaps now is a good time to remind people that 207 of 209 House Republicans voted NOT to censure Paul Gosar after he posted an anime of fellow member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being decapitated.

#AOC @verdantsquare here is my fear. That we find out after the fact. Years later. “A” party paid this kid to “miss” making it look like an attempt on the his own life. To get the rest of the USA to vote #Trump

#trumpshooting #trumpshot #TrumpLies #trumpsproject2025 #TrumpIsHitler

This election is boiling down to billionaires versus workers.

Assisted by electronic media favorable to them, the billionaires are banding together and putting up oceans of cash to back Trump and other Rs.

This is the fruit born of the disasterous Citizens United SCOTUS decision.

Every one of us needs to ensure we're properly registered and prepared to vote Nov. 5th.

If you're able to vote early, do it.

#Biden #Trump #Voting #Election2024

Via Michael McDonald

It's hard to square the media's stenography of the Republicans' unity message with the absence of a former president and #Trump's own vice-president at their national convention

#uspol #uspolitics #politics #trial #BobMenendez #Trump #injustice

Trumpers: ThEre’S cLEaRLY A two-tieREd sYsTeM of jusTIce oF sElECtive PrOseCUtiON gOiNg oN heRE!!

The two-tiered system of justice:

"I strongly, strongly, strongly encourage you to search through the document [Project 2025] for any issues you care about and for any places you care about too, because I guarantee you there’s something in there that will scare the ever-loving shit out of your family, your friends and your neighbors who might be on the fence about this election."

~ Kevin M. Kruse

#Trump #Project2025 #Republicans

“Former Donald #Trump White House adviser Peter #Navarro was released from a Miami federal prison Wednesday after completing his four-month sentence for defying a subpoena from the January 6 congressional committee.”

Now he’s off to the convention.

It's pretty clear that the acquisition of Twitter was intended to segregate progressive movements and bring the far right together on the platform. What I can't understand is why some decent people continue to use the platform. Also, why some politicians or people with some influence on the platform haven't migrated elsewhere, which could probably isolate the platform mostly with the far right and weaken its objective.

I think it's too late and the probable victory of Trump will be a disaster for the whole world. Perhaps in the future I'll have an answer to my question.

Here you can read the full NY Times article about the X owner's (now) open political bias in favour of the far right from the previous boost

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"FiveThirtyEight's poll tracker, which was originally published on July 8 and updated on July 16, shows Joe #Biden has a 53 percent chance of winning the election, while #Trump has a 46 percent chance."

No charge or swing to #Democrats post #Trump ear injury and during #RNC

“Having spent so much time questioning Barack Obama’s legitimacy and birthplace, Trump, for all his braggadocio, was the one who suffered from impostor syndrome.”

Excerpt From
Apprentice in Wonderland
Ramin Setoodeh

#theApprentice #trump #maga #books #bookstodon

"Former President Donald Trump welcomed vanquished rivals at his Republican National Convention here Tuesday, keeping watch as, one by one, they stuck to a carefully stage-managed script of party unity."

NBC News reports on day 2 of the RNC:

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#Trump attempted assassination
the 'killer' a teenager with glasses
traced for 30 minutes by the police
ALL this 'smells' ...organized

>organized by those who support Trump<

the perfect victim (the 'killer')

the perfect propaganda.

All this story do not smell right.

#Musk donates $45 million monthly to #Trump. His return on investment will be secured through tax cuts, the ban on unions, and the abolition of the minimum wage.

Billionaires are not interested in a liberal democracy because they live outside the system. They can buy any freedom, regardless of their political system. But many billionaires probably think too short-term; they may become richer and more powerful but also dependent on an autocrat. And Russia has taught us that even powerful billionaires can sometimes fall out of windows.

#ElHotzo muss gehn, die Frage aber bleibt:
Kann ein Attentat jemals gerechtfertigt sein?

Der Versuch einer moralischen Analyse und Einschätzung des gescheiterten Attentats auf #Trump – jetzt in meinem Blog.
👇 👇 👇

James Carville just said on MSNBC that #POTUS #Biden’s donations have “dried up”

So I just donated $25


Say whatever the hell you want about Biden’s age, but give me a viable alternative WHO CAN WIN.

Otherwise, STFU 💙 😬


Manchmal wünsche ich mir, dass #Trump gewinnt, genau wie hier die #AfD. In der Hoffnung, dass deren Wähler ihren Fehler einsehen, es bereuen und wir endlich wieder gute Politik machen können, mit breitem Support.

Dann fällt mir aber wieder ein, dass rechte Politik so nicht funktioniert, weil es immer wieder Sündenböcke geben wird, die man vorschiebt, um sich nicht eingestehen zu müssen, dass rechte Politik eine Sackgasse ist. Insofern ist es, trotz utilitaristischer Sichtweise, die Opfer, die wir alle, aber insbesondere die marginalisierten Gruppen, bringen müssen, nicht wert.

#Trump Media Made a Deal That Could Secure a Major Financial Windfall for the GOP Candidate

The company behind Trump’s Truth Social platform has the option to sell up to $2.5B worth of shares, easing the way for the former president to convert his paper stake into something more tangible.
— ProPublica

#POTUS #Biden:

“Let me say this again, because #Trump is lying like hell about it. Black #unemployment hit a record low under the #BidenHarris administration”

“We’re going to end #medical #debt… I'm working with states to wipe out #MedicalDebt for pennies on the dollar.”

“I have been young, & now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken.”

Full #NAACP speech:

#BlackVotesMatter #jobs #labor #economy #BidenHarris2024

Just an image....saying so much...

#gaza #israel #war #trump #politics #wars

In Private Speech, J.D. Vance Said the “Devil Is Real” and Praised Alex Jones as a Truth-Teller

#Vance gave the speech to the secretive Teneo Network. The #GOP vice presidential nominee has been a member of the Leonard Leo-backed group, which seeks to cultivate #conservative influence in #business and #culture.

Watch the full #video at the link below.

#News #Politics #Election #election2024 #Trump #JDVance #LeonardLeo

"Judge Aileen Cannon ran her courtroom in Fort Pierce, Florida, like a massage parlor for one of Jeffrey Epstein’s best friends, and on Monday she wrapped up her special service when she dismissed all charges against Donald Trump in his trial for stealing and mishandling classified documents and obstructing the government’s attempts to recover them."

~ Lucian K. Truscott

#Trump #AileenCannon #SupremeCourt #JohnRoberts

"Roberts has led the Supreme Court into an era in which precedent can selectively be ignored, eviscerated, or overruled when it gets in the way of conservatives’ goals. That, in turn, has led lower court judges to feel that they have been given power to do the same — predicting, in essence, the precedents that they believe the current court would ignore.

This is not how the law is to work."

#Trump #AileenCannon #SupremeCourt #JohnRoberts

"It’s a weak-on-the-law ruling for which Chief Justice John Roberts deserves a not insignificant amount of blame — despite his name not appearing once in her 93-page opinion.

~ Chris Geidner

#Trump #AileenCannon #SupremeCourt #JohnRoberts

"Judge Aileen Cannon is not smart enough to come up with the idea of ignoring controlling precedent to hold that special counsel Jack Smith’s appointment violates the Constitution. Instead, she received not-so-subtle tutoring from six reactionary justices on the US Supreme Court who have signaled that judicial precedent has the binding force of fairy tales…."

~ Robert B. Hubbell

#Trump #AileenCannon #ClarenceThomas #corruption

"In any other country, we would recognize Cannon’s actions—dismissing a major criminal case against a presidential candidate on the first day of his party’s convention—to be part of an ongoing constitutional coup. Even more so if that judge had been placed on the court by the defendant after he had lost his re-election bid…."

~ Michael Podhorzer

#Trump #AileenCannon #ClarenceThomas #corruption

"She looked at the law and went 180 degrees from it to rule in Trump’s favor. She assessed the issue here in a way that no other court to consider the constitutionality of appointing a special counsel has. And although she wrote that her ruling applied only in this case, that’s not how precedent works."

~ Joyce Vance

#Trump #AileenCannon #ClarenceThomas #corruption

"Like many Supreme Court cases in recent years, the key to reading Cannon’s opinion is to refuse to engage with it as a piece of serious legal analysis.

Instead, it should be read as what it is: an expression of pure power, the kind that knows there’s no consequence for its misuse. That’s why Cannon can breezily dispose of decades of precedent about special counsel appointments: Who’s going to stop her?"

~ Lisa Needham

#Trump #AileenCannon #ClarenceThomas #corruption

"Judge Cannon has been sitting on the motion to dismiss for 144 days. Yet she issued her ruling on the first day of the Republican National Convention? This smells like legal mischief. She is raising her hand for a quid pro quo appointment to a higher bench during a possible second Trump administration."

~ Jay Kuo

#Trump #AileenCannon #SupremeCourt

"He's a Fake": Robert Kuttner on How J.D. Vance Disguises His Anti-Worker Views as Economic Populism #uspoli #USElections2024 #trump #JDVance #AntiWorker #WorkerRights #unions

Via Marc Elias at the hellsite:

NEW: The #Trump campaign and RNC are suing to block voter registration at the Veterans Affairs agency.

«Vance and billionaire investor, David Sacks, organized a recent Silicon Valley fundraiser for Trump. The event, at Sacks’s home in San Francisco, raised a reported $12 million for Trump’s campaign.

Several leading AI innovators attended that event which impressed Trump enormously.

It was noted that Sacks spoke at the Republican National Convention Monday night.»

Why did Trump Pick Vance | Barry Shaw | The Blogs


#2024Elections #Gaza #Trump #Biden

Bill Ackman is the anti-DEI guy that got the president of Harvard canned.

if the November elections aren't about #Gaza for the American oligarchy, whose valuations were signed, sealed and delivered by Saudi "investors", i don't know what else to tell you


Bill Ackman Has a Plan for 'New Gaza' - Jewish Business News


#2024Elections #Gaza #Trump #Biden