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Critics claim #Paris using 2024 #Games to introduce Big Brother video #surveillance

My interview on Realms of Peril & Glory came out earlier this month! Chatted about all things GMing, RPGs (especially solo RPGs) so check it out! Link in bio! #interview #podcast #rpg #ttrpg #podcaster #GM #games #discussion

I just played the first three levels of #Omno, a dreamy puzzle platformer. Quite enjoyable so far! 🎮

#Games #ShareYourGames
Riding on a legendary dinosaur like creature. Legendary turtle creatures help me traverse the waters.
A puzzle where you need to properly position the platforms. My character looking up to the large creature that's before them in the grass.

Today has been a Sushi Go day and a minecraft day. I haven't got a picture of minecraft though 😉

#games #minecraft #SushiGoParty
Cards layed out on a table. They have pictures of cartoon food on them, with faces.

It's simple. I see @NerdBurgerCraig create a new game, and I give him my money. is the latest. The first one has given me many hours of entertainment and I'm excited for what comes next.

If you have't heard of Nerdburger games, you *must* try #CapersRPG. It's one of the most innovative every made.

#Games #rpg #ttrpg