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Dear European based LGBTIQ+ people.. (so basically everybody).

Today I attended an event in #Amsterdam organized by @waag @DeGroene @gemeenteamsterdam and the #oBa Amsterdam public library called #StateOfTheInternet

Featured speaker this time was Euro Member of Parliament @kimvsparrentak who passionately spoke on the need for a more free Internet detached from #bigTech and more focussed on #Democracy and real #Social interaction.

When confronted with her presence on X and Insta, and the lack of active presence here on the #Fediverse we promised to help her.

Please help us get a decent follower-base here and follow her account right now, before she even gets a chance to get more active. A follower base of more than a 1000 people will surely help her convince her party members to spend time and money on a real presence here.

I used a cut out of the image posted by @sicco in this post: thank you for that Sicco.