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If no one told you this already, thanks for not ending your life that day.
#MentalHealth #MentalIllness

@knitting @Curator @nature I seem to have hit a patch of sadness for no apparent reason in the middle of my shift. Please share cheerful, bright, happy things. They can be sarcastic cartoons, photos of nature, beautiful art, knitting, abstract weirdness, anything. I just need a perk up please. #mentalhealth #december

„We are witnessing the dark side of our new technological lives, whose extractive profit models amount to the systematic fracking of human beings. (…) The curriculum we have developed takes on a challenge that so many of us face: how to create, beyond the confines of our personalized digital universes, something resembling a shared world.“ #psychology #digitalisierung #digital #attentioneconomy #mentalhealth #learning

This cartoon illustrates the real problem with our #NHS #mentalhealth services, the physical ones too.

We expect our health service to be the "support of last resort" for the devastating effects that modern society has on all of us. We can't save the NHS and make it all it can be without fundamental changes in our sick and broken society.

It can start by paying nurses and other workers what we're worth.


Cartoon showing two people stood amidst a forest of tree stumps. One of them points to a trembling Koala clutching a stump and says "This young Koala has a mental health problem"

The relationship between mental illness and guns, and risk mitigation, is complicated.

Specifically, there is no clear and uniform consensus on who should determine when to restrict access to firearms – should it be a psychiatrist, an independent forensic psychiatrist, a committee of psychiatrists or a judge?
#mentalhealth #guncontrol

The benefits of friendship go far beyond having someone to spend time with – it can also protect you from physical and #mentalhealth problems.

Also – friendships are so powerful that the social pain of rejection activates the same neural pathways that physical pain does.

Read more of what researchers know about the power of #friendship:

two men handling a fishing hook on a line

No, I don't have a fitbit. I go for long walks because it's nice to get away from the screen, now and then.

#exercise #MentalHealth #BreakTime

Fitbits are just Tamagotchies, except the stupid animal you're trying to keep alive is you.

We’ll be live shortly on Reddit with Emily Hemendinger, LCSW, and researcher at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

She’s doing an AMA about the positive and negative consequences of social media use on #mentalhealth.

Join us with your questions!