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So congratulations! You all chose politics. And by necessity, we do a lot of it here. That's the nature of a decentralized, federated, grassroots social network. Every instance hosts a population, and must make decisions about how to arrange the circumstances that condition that population's presence on the network.

(Often, we call this #meta. And sometimes, when we don't like the results, it magically becomes "politics" again.)


Meta is apparently intimidating Brazilian researchers to deter them from looking too deeply at ads and disinformation:

"This is an attack on scientific research work, and attempts at intimidation of researchers ... especially with regard to paid content that causes harm to consumers ... and that threaten the future of our democracy."


"In 2021 ... Meta disabled the accounts of researchers at NYU’s Ad Observatory Project... Those involved denounced the social network's account cutoff as an attempt to stifle legitimate research into disinformation."

#Meta #Threads #DefederateThreads #DefederateMeta

💪🙌💥Public pressure works! #meta delays implementing their AI training of users personal data. filed legal complaints in 11 European countries we joined up with them in Norway.

In Norway, the public outcry has also been deafening at times.

We will follow closely and our arguments still stand: Meta does not have a legal basis for such processing.

#privacy #gdpr #ai #GenAI #MetaAI

It's been 6 months since Meta laid out their plan for "end of the year full federation".

It's wild to me that, in that same timeframe, a solo third party dev was able to get BlueSky pretty much fully federated before Threads could. Bridgy Fed dev doesn't even work for Bluesky or Threads and he managed to bridge Fediverse AND threads to BlueSky.

I feel embarrassed FOR Meta at this point. What the hell is taking them so long?

#Fedi #Fediverse #Threads #Meta #SocialMedia

Meta tried to discredit researchers in one of Brazil's top universities who identified fraudulent ads in its platforms:

"Defaming scientists has become a global strategy of Big Techs in order to try to silence critics in universities."

"In the United States, the social network has gone as far as banning researchers from accessing data after they did something that displeased the company."

#Meta #BigTech #Ads

The people behind Threads yet again using deceptive (and potentially illegal) practices to collect people's personal data without their permission:

"...Meta's new privacy policy basically says that the company wants to take all public and non-public user data that it has collected since 2007 and use it for any undefined type of current and future 'artificial intelligence technology,."

"...once their data [is] in the system, users seem to have no option of ever having it removed."

It is extremely dangerous to trust Meta. Please defederate Threads.

#Meta #Threads #DefederateThreads

Instagramia käyttävät taiteilijat ja valokuvaajat ovat karkaamassa palvelusta massoittain

Taustalla on Instagramin uusitut käyttöehdot, jotka antavat Metalle luvan käyttää kaikkea IG-sisältöä tekoälyn koulutukseen. Ainoastaan EU-kansalaiset voivat kieltäytyä tekoälyvaatimuksesta halutessaan täysin.

Voittajaksi näyttää muodostuvan Cara, kuvasovellus, joka on ottanut "AI-vihamielisen" asenteen ja kieltää mm. sisältönsä käytön tekoälyjen koulutukseen.

#instagram #cara #yksityisyys #tekoäly #uutiset #meta #teknologia #tekniikka

Meta is deploying chatbots powered by AI to impersonate humans in its discussion groups. The chatbots make stuff up—that is their nature. One invents a nonexistent child. Another pretends to have nonexistent merchandise. It shouldn’t be necessary to explain how vile and poisonous this is, but Casey Fiesler @cfiesler spells it out:

#Meta #AI

#Meta AI chatbot intrudes into online communities where people are trying to connect with other humans
by @TheConversationUS

#LLM #AI #Facebook

Yes, but there are questions about how effective that is. I forget the details, but I don't think a user-level block prevents #Threads from seeing your posts and presenting them to users if #Meta decides to misbehave. And one thing history teaches us is that Meta always misbehaves.

Reminder for Pride month that Meta's platforms including #Threads are allowing the spread of hateful transphobic content:


Allowing Threads to federate is allowing hatred to spread.

- If you run a Fediverse server, please defederate (instructions for Mastodon are here:

- If you don't run a server, please ask your server admin to defederate

#PrideMonth #Pride #LGBTQIA #Transphobia #HumanRights #Meta

Stort set gået under radaren i 🇩🇰 at Meta fremover vil bruge brugernes billeder og indhold fra #Facebook og #Instagram til at træne selskabets AI-modeller, så syder debatten i 🇳🇴 (et af 11 lande hvor #Meta er blevet meldt til datatilsynet for brud på #GDPR)

Der er sat en hård deadline

26. juni vil Meta træne AI-modeller på opslag, billeder, kommentarer, interaktioner, som brugerne har lagt op

Ikke andre muligheder end at slette sin Facebook-profil (paywalled)

First #Meta only allowed top users (like @whitehouse) to show up in the #Fediverse.

Now any public #Threads account (from #USA / #Canada / #Japan ?) can decide to show up / post in the Fediverse.

But can #Fedi users show up / #post to threads??? 🤔

Doesn't seem very fair & "fediverse-#filosophy ;)" to me :pixelfed: :mastodon:

"You're now sharing TO the fediverse."
Doesn't sharing go both ways? 🤝

#socialmedia #social #ActivityPub #pixelfed #mastodon #tech #philosophy

We rush toward 'teaching gen AI' to students, meanwhile this is the current state of mind for the creative community. This battle is not only about IP and giving credit/remuneration, it's about the rampant Big Tech bullying to basically do what they like with the internet. If you are not aware of these issues then maybe youre part of the problem.

#instagram #meta #facebook #artstation #adobe #academicchatter

embrace, extend, extinguish,_extend,_and_extinguish

like #facebook did to #myspace

why can't @Gargron see that this is all that #meta is doing here with #threads?

maybe he does and has some tricks up his sleeve

god i hope so

i feel like #mastodon and the #fediverse are facing down a galactic armada in an old honda

if we bend meta to our will instead of the reverse, it will be a story for the ages

Just got this Meta Ai #update:

A beautiful #email informing that they will update their privacy #policy for the 100th time?

Thank you #Meta for your amazing #Ai and for completely ignoring peoples #privacy over and over again 😂

Please please go ahead use all our #data as you want:
"...on the legal basis called legitimate interests for using your information to develop and improve AI at Meta."

#German #guide on how to op-out:

#Satire #FCKmeta #MetaAI #software #tech

i have zero doubt you guys are doing amazing #UI work

our problem of course is the centralized control #meta represents on content, with opaque algorithms. no doubt used to squash CSAM and right wing hate... but also anything outside facebook's plutocratic agenda

#centralized is dead. #decentralized is the future. it's why #threads exists at all reaching out to #mastodon

but meta will not eat us

we will eat you

Adam: leave the dark empire and join the free #fediverse my friend

Did Meta, “Call of Duty” and gun manufacturer Daniel Defense “groom” the shooter who killed 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas? Wrongful-death lawsuits brought by the victims’ families say yes. Read more from Tech Crunch:
#Tech #Technology #Meta #CallOfDuty #Uvalde