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Agreed that we don't know what if anything actually #Meta's going to do with #P92 (@J12t makes some great points) but it will be #SurveillanceCapitalism because that's who they are. And if the biggest instance in #Fediverse is a surveillance capitalism site, then the fediverse will likely (and justifiably) be seen as a surveillance capitalism network.

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@ophiocephalic #meta won’t care whether they are #fediblock d or not. They do this for market positioning reasons vis-a-vis wanting to appear as the good guys wrt Twitter, not to actually interoperate with anybody. More detailed thoughts here:

All in favor of coming up with a coordinated response, when is your call? :-)

“The most interesting thing about Meta’s Twitter clone…If Meta pursues this idea at scale, it would be an incredible departure for the world’s largest social media company.”
#Barcelona #Meta #Fediverse

Stay Away From The Facebook META-VERSE

Huge win for privacy: Record fine against #Facebook thanks to Max Schrems & @noybeu! 🥳

#Meta must pay 1.2 billion euros for violating the EU #privacy regulation #GDPR. 👌



What other (centralized) social medias you are using? (even the slightest)

You can select multiple answers (not on Ivory in case it still has the bug where it picks the one you touch)

Boosts appreciated.

#Twitter #Bluesky #Meta #Facebook #Instagram #LinkedIn #YouTube #SocialMedia #Blueskysocial

  • Twitter (30%, 504 votes)
  • Facebook (29%, 484 votes)
  • Instagram (31%, 512 votes)
  • LinkedIn (30%, 498 votes)
  • YouTube (63%, 1056 votes)
  • Reddit (40%, 661 votes)
  • Bluesky (2%, 45 votes)
  • TikTok (6%, 113 votes)
  • None of the above (9%, 148 votes)
1652 voters. Poll end: in 3 days

Meta is planning to implement ActivityPub? Not so fast IMHO.

Parsing the recent leaks on their "Instagram for your thoughts" / P92 / Barcelona app.


#meta #ActivityPub #instagram #p92

@noybeu win: € 1.2 billion fine against #Meta (#Facebook) over EU-US data transfers

No, you can't license my cat picture to Elon, Jack and Mark.

When you post on #Bluesky, #Twitter or #Meta you agree to grant them a very broad perpetual license to the content, including the right to sublicense. On Mastodon, most instances do not take a license. Any bridge that takes content from Mastodon and, without permission, puts that content on one of these platforms is violating that user's #copyright to the content. You can not #license content which you do not own.


Look what the waves have done, now imagine them changing all that is solid much quicker than the in the past...
#art for #inspiration
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A mono image of a geological sea rock arch. The rocky terrain is juxtaposed against the tranquil calm sea and light cloud sky, creating a breathtaking landscape. The black and white filter intensifies the raw beauty of nature.

s/: Wouldn't that be wonderful? /s

"Meta, which had previously warned that 👉services for its users in #Europe could be cut off👈, vowed to appeal and ask courts to immediately put the decision on hold.

/s: I am quite sure that #Meta's advertising clients will appreciate that 411 million users* will not benefit from their adverts, and they will most certainly not see any breach of contract either. /s



#Ihmiset: Käyttävät #Twitter iä kaikesta sen myrkyllisyydestä huolimatta. Käyttävät sitä, vaikka #ElonMusk.

Myös ihmiset: Käyttävät #Facebook ia, #Instagram ia ym. Metan someja, vaikka historiasta tiedetään jo #CambridgeAnalytica -caset, vaikutukset #Trump in valintaan ym. raskaat yhteiskunnallsiet seuraukset ja vaikka ihmiset tietävät, ettei #yksityisyys ole suojassa ja vaikka #Meta toistuvasti siitä kärähtää.

#Ihmiseläin on kyllä maailman tyhmin eläin.


There is obvious concern growing about the potential impact of #Meta joining the fediverse, but especially so in the face of the ruling, seeing them fined a record $1.3bn.

Can they be trusted to handle data correctly when it comes to their new #ActivityPub "Barcelona" app? Does the fediverse really need Big Tech involved? I have laid out my concerns regarding Meta-owned services federating, and my conclusions might surprise you.

Link to my #infosec blog is in my bio

just in
#Meta condemned by EU –
Fined $1.3 Billion for Violating E.U. Data Privacy Rules

They said, they could shut down in Europe now – so, following their words:
Did you mean North-American-ActivityPub ?


Meta Ireland fined €1.2 billion for violating GDPR by transferring EU/EEA users’ data to the US without adequate protection. DPC orders Meta Ireland to suspend future transfers and cease unlawful processing within 6 months. Decision follows EDPB dispute resolution. #GDPR #Meta #DPC


Further reporting:

My point was just that it’s misleading to say #Meta will only be tracking people who use their app. Just like with Gab, with the #ActivityPub protocol and vanilla Mastodon’s implementation, being on a site that federates with them is likely to give them access to your data.

So, open message: if you're from #Meta and you are working on this #P92 service, you should contact the #W3C #SocialCG to work on compatibility with #ActivityPub.

We're excited about your project and we're here to help.

Meta joining the Fediverse by supporting ActivityPub will be a positive step in supporting their user's opportunity to see alternatives in social networking.

#meta #pixelfed #mastodon #activitypub

If Facebook and Instagram were to join the Fediverse and you could follow users from that world from your instance, would you do it?

Boosts appreciated. I'd like to know the current consensus of the Fediverse.

#Meta #Facebook #Instagram #SocialMedia #Fediverse

  • Yes (43%, 1695 votes)
  • No (29%, 1157 votes)
  • I'd block them all / Fediblock (27%, 1083 votes)
3935 voters. Poll end: in 7 hours

I think you are a bit in the woods here. That would not be a perfect future. Or a very realistic one. Or any type of goal either.

Maybe some of us don't need the big platforms. Some of us left Facebook for a reason. Some of us don't want those people here. That's a choice and a rightful one. Not short slightness. Not everyone needs to have their own servers, but not everyone should either.

We're good as is. No reason to embrace the big tech all over again. #Meta #Facebook #Fediverse

Meta is now selling your Whats App number to “business partners” to send you ads for things like crypto.
The Zuckerberg/Musk/Bezos enshitification of the internet continues.

Here is a great read about how enshitification is destroying the internet and why regulation is needed.

#facebook #meta #twitter #socialmedia #whatsapp

Whilst I am worried they will try the old “embrace, extend, extinguish” plan, I must admit I’m quite excited for #Meta to join their apps into the #Fediverse.

An extra 2bn people to talk to on here! And the ones who really enjoy it will find out they can switch to #mastodon or #calckey or one of the others for a similar experience but with no ads and better moderation. Nice!

#instagram #twitter #bluesky

If memes, videos, and pictures can't be exchanged between Zuck's micro-blogging software and other established software such as Mastodon, calckey, and pleroma I don't really see the impact. I don't see many people from the fediverse side falling for the bait and giving up all that fedi freedom. This will feel to me as if Mark Zuckerberg's corporation squabbled whatever opportunity they had in their continued quest to monopolize an already fraught venture of monetizing people's social interactions online.

I think it might actually be an opportunity for the fediverse to recruit. One of the biggest draws of fedi I think is the freedom. We moderate ourselves. One can, also, choose whatever software(s), and features they contain, for one's needs here.


I see it as making fun of Trump’s comments about taking bleach. Guess #Meta doesn’t have a sense of humor. But then when I was on it, they would mark game posts as spam, throttle likes, object if one mentions news if it wasn’t done through their newsfeed and make it near impossible to see what friends post unless in a group.

back around 2016 Meta then Facebook, which collects all our data whether on or off the site, let Cambridge Analytica have our data. I was swept up via a friend. I didn’t like the FSB having my data. If #Meta federated, it would try to collect our data. As I mainly played a game there, didn’t discuss politics and blocked ads, game over, left. As many #Trumpers so I would block, don’t trust Zuckerberg.

Meta's new decentralized social media platform, Barcelona, may potentially become part of ActivityPub. That means they will probably be part of our fediverse.

Regardless of one's opinion on Meta, I would argue that this is a positive direction.

Users can still choose their own instances. This will only contribute to more PR around our well-implemented decentralized ecosystem.

Read the full article on The Verge:

Online and offline, I've spoken to quite a few #Bluesky fans regarding #Barcelona.

For the first time, they understand this will be a fight. They see #Meta as the bad guys, and they're not necessarily wrong.

#Barcelona, #Meta's Twitter competitor, will be ready by summer.

And lest you believe #ActivityPub integration was just some rumour, think again. In a slide, Meta confirms that Barcelona will indeed be decentralized and will be compatible with Mastodon.

Everyone who thought that AT protocol would win over ActivityPub, and that #Bluesky would kill Mastodon just because a few influencers joined doesn't understand the sheer marketing power and pull that Meta has at its disposal.

But believe me, I'm not exactly cheering on Meta here. Generally, where Meta goes, shenanigans. I simply don't think Meta is capable of releasing a product without dark patterns.

Nevertheless, I don't think the Fediverse is even close to preparing for what will happen once Barcelona starts federating.

We should all be taking Barcelona very seriously.

Perhaps most significantly, though, the new Instagram text app will have an element of decentralization as well. “Soon, our app will be compatible with certain other apps like Mastodon,” Instagram’s slide says. “Users on these other apps will be able to search for, follow and interact with your profile and content if you’re public, or if you’re private and approve them as followers.” (Presumably that compatibility will come through ActivityPub, which Meta has been exploring alongside other tech companies.)